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© Settimo Cannatella
© Settimo Cannatella
© Settimo Cannatella
© Settimo Cannatella

Valeria Sacchi Boncompagni

  • Jewellery maker
  • Venice, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Valeria Sacchi Boncompagni Jewellery maker
Italian, English
Monday to Saturday 09:30 - 19:00
+39 0413097767
© Settimo Cannatella

Shaping stories and emotions

  • • Valeria creates wearable micro sculptures
  • • She has chosen Venice for her life and art
  • • Her unique pieces were born from carved wax

Born in Milan, Valeria Sacchi Boncompagni chose Venice, her mother’s hometown, to live and build her career. After working for years in her family jewellery shop (founded by her grandfather, Icilio Boncompagni, in Piazza San Marco, in the 1920s), she decided that being a skilled and passionate seller wasn’t enough for her: she felt the need to handcraft jewels. Thanks to her artistic training, she turned to an ancient technique: lost wax casting. Today in her “bottega” (studio and shop) in Piazza San Marco, Valeria creates mostly – but not only – wearable micro sculptures using gold, silver, bronze, coral, hard and precious stones. Her detailed artworks are meant to tell a story, they’re sentimental and symbolic creations: “Working with wax enables you to stay in touch with your most intimate emotions and shape them.”

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  • © Settimo Cannatella
  • © Settimo Cannatella
  • © Settimo Cannatella
  • © Valeria Sacchi
  • © Valeria Sacchi
Photo: © Settimo Cannatella
Tree of Life

Every version of the "Albero della Vita" (or Tree of Life) is customised with symbols and has been made by combining various materials, such as gold, silver, hard and precious stones. In this case, the small sculpture was handcrafted in bronze with the more precious coral to show it can be used in jewellery. The series is inspired by nature to highlight that it can be reproduced and valued by hand: by respecting and listening to it.

Height 7 cm
Width 5.5 cm

Photo: © Settimo Cannatella
Flowers rings

This series of rings is called "Fiori" (or Flowers) and is dedicated by Valeria to women: according to her these are flowers to be worn and not an exterior decoration. They neither wither nor die, unlike cut ones. The rings are made using the lost wax casting method, an ancient artistic technique, and without involving any traditional goldsmithing system: every unique piece is a small wearable sculpture.

Height 3 cm
Width 3.5 cm

Photo: © Settimo Cannatella
Venetian ring

One of Valeria’s masterpieces, the ring Venezia is a vibrant and loving tribute to Venice, that Valeria describes as “the mystic city”. For her it’s an endless source of inspiration, with its inimitable architecture on water. This series of unique pieces recalls the peculiar and delicate decorations of the Doge’s Palace: the rings can be handcrafted and customised in various different versions, both in gold and silver, and in any size.

Height 0.8 cm
Diameter 1.4 cm

Photo: © Valeria Sacchi
The women’s dance

This small golden sculpture is called "La danza delle donne" (or The women’s dance), it tells a story about women’s friendship, understanding and complicity: an ode to femininity. The supportive and balanced movement of three women dancing in circle is evoked by the upward winding development of the shape. For Valeria, the piece is a quintessential example of what can happen carving the malleable wax when you are able to listen to your deepest self.

Height 5.5 cm

Photo: © Valeria Sacchi
Lagoon wedding bands

Each of these "Laguna" (or Lagoon) wedding bands is irregular and different, as any person and couple is: like the canals of Venice, that meet when water connects them so that they pour into each other. These eclectic rings are for newlyweds, lovers, anniversaries and can be handcrafted in yellow, pink or white gold. Valeria Sacchi offers the chance to leave a personal sign into the wax model of the bands, participating in the creative process.

Height 0.3 cm
Diameter cm

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