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Ulrike Güse

  • Ulita’s Loom
  • Weaver
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Ulrike Güse Weaver
Spanish, English, German
By appointment only
+34 629952119
©Laube Leal

Threads of meditation

  • • Ulrike is inspired by nature, especially the Atlantic Ocean
  • • She uses weaving as a meditation exercise
  • • All the fibres she uses are hand dyed

Born in Germany, Ulrike Güse is now based in the Canary Islands, from where she works as a weaver. She is entirely self-taught and with a background in screen printing, she hand weaves on traditional floor looms in a workshop located in a historic building. The natural fibres she uses – silk, wool, alpaca and linen – are all dyed by her, using locally harvested plants and the Canarian cochineal, allowing her to achieve a unique and personal colour palette. Ulrike reinterprets traditional patterns with a modern touch, interlacing hues and textures, creating unlikely combinations of different materials. The essence of her work is that no two textiles are ever the same. Her weaving is done with passion and patience, her creations are a wide range of textile items. Nature is her inspiration, she doesn't go a single day without walking along the seashore.

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  • ©Alby Martín
  • ©Alby Martín
  • ©Ulrike Güse
  • ©Ulrike Güse
  • ©Ulrike Güse
Photo: ©Alby Martín
Wall hangings

These two tapestries were designed and made for a private home in San Sebastian. Handwoven on four shafts in overshot linen and wool, the tapestries are finished with a back lining in linen and hung on a metal bar.

Height 120 cm
Width 90 cm

Photo: ©Alby Martín
Wall hanging

This wall hung piece, "Playa de las Canteras" is handwoven with a gradient design in warp and weft created thread by thread during warping and weaving. It fades from beige over greens and blues to grey.

Height 140 cm
Width 56 cm

Photo: ©Ulrike Güse
Alpaca shawl

This shawl, a deflected double weave, is handwoven from alpaca on an eight-shaft loom. The violet hues of alpaca are naturally dyed with log wood.

Height 190 cm
Width 54 cm

Photo: ©Ulrike Güse
Cotton and linen shawl

This four shaft huck lace shawl is handcrafted with a gradient design, fading from blue over to turquoise and greens to blue again. The cotton and linen are naturally dyed with indigo to achieve the blue hues.

Height 200 cm
Width 60 cm

Photo: ©Ulrike Güse
Alpaca and silk shawl

This alpaca and silk shawl is naturally dyed with a colour transition from yellow dyed with onion peel, to red dyed with cochineal from the Canary Islands. The goose eye pattern is woven with pink cochineal dyed silk.

Height 195 cm
Width 60 cm

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