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©Sade Kahra
©Topi Pakarinen
©Topi Pakarinen
©Topi Pakarinen
©Topi Pakarinen

Tuulia Penttilä

Tuulia Penttilä Cabinetmaker
Finnish, English
By appointment only
+358 503373842
©Topi Pakarinen

The wonder of wood

  • • Tuulia founded her own workshop in 2000
  • • Her first experiment with wood was a Gustavian style stool
  • • She has worked closely with Kalevala Jewellery

Working with hands has been part of Tuulia Penttilä’s life since childhood. It started with clothes and jewellery well before she enrolled in an art school at the age of seven and started to learn different techniques and tools. A turning point was falling in love with wood as a material at the age of sixteen. Traditional utensils and the works of sculptor Kain Tapper were a great inspiration. She graduated as an artisan from the Jurva College of Crafts and Design in 1994. Studies continued at the Kuopio Academy of Design after which she completed her Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts at Heinola College of Crafts and Design in 1998. For two years she worked for Nikari, a prominent wood design studio and furniture manufacturer. In 2000, she founded her own company. Characteristic of her work is the combination of handicraft and design and the marriage of tradition and modernism.

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  • ©Jenny Moberg
  • ©Uzi Varon
  • ©Jenny Moberg
  • ©Sade Kahra
  • ©Topi Pakarinen
Photo: ©Jenny Moberg
Block & Brick dog dining tables

The basis of the design was to find a better solution for the dog dining table. Dogs of different sizes need a dining table at the right height and right size. The collection contains variations of three sizes of table made of ash or oak and bowls of steel or ceramic bowls from the Arabia Arctica collection.

Length 38.5 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 18 cm
Length 45 cm
Width 18.5 cm
Height 21.5 cm
Length 51 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 25 cm

Photo: ©Uzi Varon

The KÄTKÖ collection found its inspiration in old cabinets, which sometimes hide a secret locker inside the furniture. Only the cabinet's owner knew where the secret drawer was concealed. The collection is made to save precious memories or just conserve the special things.

Length 18 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 61.5 cm

Photo: ©Jenny Moberg
Round Baskets

Round basket is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Finnish wooden basket. The plain and timeless basket is ideal for everyday use to store or carry your things. The combination of Finnish birch and a leather strap is natural. It comes in two different sizes with three variations of straps.The production combines modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Depth 20 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 32 cm

Photo: ©Sade Kahra
Snow White Handbag

Finnish birch and steel are not the typical materials for a handbag and that is why this bag is unconventional. This modern wooden handbag is light and elegant.

Length 28 cm
Depth 5 cm
Height 11.5 cm

Photo: ©Topi Pakarinen
Wedge Table

Wedge table is an ideal furniture solution for small spaces. It is conceived for working with a laptop. Due to its design to hang on the wall, it enables the perfect height for the user. The deck can be set down when the table is not in use. The table is made of ash and the hanging solution is made with a leather strap with natural fibre string linkages. Details finish off the simple and plain graceful piece of furniture.

Length 67 cm
Depth 38 cm
Height 82 cm

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