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©Lőrinc Szendeff
©Andrási Nikolett
©Lőrinc Szendeff
©Lőrinc Szendeff

Tünde Ruzicska

  • Ceramicist
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Master Artisan
Tünde Ruzicska Ceramicist
Hungarian, English
By appointment only
+36 709312402
©Mohai Balázs

Fusing form with function

  • • Tünde believes in modelling pieces that are usable in a busy modern house
  • • At the tender age of eight she found her calling
  • • She reckons exploring your own creative voice is vital, whatever that voice might be saying

For ceramicist Tünde Ruzicska, creating unique tableware is not only about aesthetics. She believes combining characteristic forms with usability and mixing tradition with innovation is the only way. This approach is very much present in her works: pieces of her tableware collections are delicate, bearing the refined simplicity of Hungarian folk ceramics. Yet, due to the techniques she uses, they are also robust enough to withstand use in a modern kitchen or restaurant. She is willing to let go of the confines of practicality only in the case of her sculptures. Tünde is committed to being a skilled craftswoman, but she also believes excellence in itself is not sufficient: you must also find your own way of expression in your works.

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  • ©Ruzicska Tünde
  • Neogrády©Kiss Barnabás
  • Neogrády©Kiss Barnabás
  • ©Ruzicska Tünde
  • ©Ruzicska Tünde
Photo: ©Ruzicska Tünde
Blue & grey plates

This set of plates are hand thrown from stoneware clay and the inner surface of the plates coated with a pastel blue glaze.

Diameter 26 cm

Photo: Neogrády©Kiss Barnabás
Genius loci no. 1

This ceramic sculpture is hand built from a combination of stoneware and paper clay. The final form is fired at a high temperature.

Length 40 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: Neogrády©Kiss Barnabás
Genius loci no. 4

This ceramic sculpture is hand built from a blue hued porcelain and left unglazed.

Length 34 cm
Width 38 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: ©Ruzicska Tünde
Blue tea cups

These teacups, made for Zhao Zhou Teahouse are hand thrown from stoneware clay and coated, in a gradient, with blue glaze.

Height 6 cm
Width 75 cm

Photo: ©Ruzicska Tünde
Plates & bowls

This set of plates and bowl are hand-thrown from stoneware clay and coated with a matt white glaze. The collection can be made to order.

Diameter 28 cm

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