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©Ketevan Gvinepadze
©Ketevan Gvinepadze
©Ketevan Gvinepadze
©Ketevan Gvinepadze
©Trinidad Contreras

Trinidad Contreras

  • Jewellery maker
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Trinidad Contreras Jewellery maker
Spanish, English
By appointment only
+34 699629570
©Jorge Marin-Buck

Transforming the unusual

  • • Each one of Trinidad's pieces are treated in a unique way
  • • Innovation goes hand in hand with transformation
  • • Daily life inspires her

The contemporary jewellery creations of Trinidad Contreras are imbued with ingenuity, following endless and passionate research. She combines unusual materials that then coexist in harmony, challenging their potentials and introducing new textures to old forms. Porcelain, metal, leather and fabric are incorporated into brooches, earrings or necklaces; her collections and one-of-a-kind pieces are either functional or carry a message through symbols and metaphors. She does not make sketches in advance of making, the process is organic: a constant flux of energy and ideas, of solutions and decisions made on the spot. Trinidad has participated in several exhibitions in Spain and abroad. Her background is in sculpture and specifically with an interest in porcelain – using the slip casting technique.

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  • ©Ricardo Villalobos
  • ©Jorge Marin-Buck
  • ©Trinidad Contreras
  • ©Ricardo Villalobos
  • ©Trinidad Contreras
Photo: ©Ricardo Villalobos
Material Etérico

This necklace is made of various porcelain pieces, each different, forming a chain joint together by silver wire. The wire is welded very closely to the porcelain and is very resistant. The porcelain pieces are very porous and as light as a sponge. The technique used has been to immerse sponge into porcelain and then fire them at high temperatures. The sponges burn and the porcelain remains. It has also been the casting technique in moulds and metal applied to jewellery.

Height 3.5 cm
Width 44 cm

Photo: ©Jorge Marin-Buck
Wearable apparatus

This funnel-shaped porcelain brooch is made from Limoges porcelain and its interior is enamelled in bright yellow. The brown piece with a mushroom-like texture adds great contrast and apparently transforms into a headset. The technique used has been to cast the porcelain in moulds and combined with silver and steel needle using jewellery techniques.

Height 3 cm
Width 6.5 cm

Photo: ©Trinidad Contreras

This cylindrical-shaped brooch in pastel pink porcelain is covered on its side with glass microspheres and pigments. A cobalt blue enamelled sphere is placed on the top part and next to it a piece of ancient Chinese porcelain, a vestige of the past. The technique used has been casting in moulds and metal techniques applied to jewellery.

Height 3 cm
Width 8.2 cm

Photo: ©Ricardo Villalobos

This porcelain brooch is shaped like a cylinder and hollow inside. The top is in graphite-coloured porcelain with a satin finish, on its surface is a subtle line of silver dots which forms a perfect circle. The base of the brooch is made by an internal drum of thick and firm leather, it is lined with leather of different colours. The porcelain top rests on the base, which are joined and fixed with the help of some small screws.

Height 3 cm
Width 8.5 cm

Photo: ©Trinidad Contreras

This brooch is made up of the union of two shapes in different materials. The tubular shape is made of porcelain and the closure on the back. Through copper connections and silver rivets, it holds the lower part in a more organic and warm way made of leather. The leather has been modelled by applying moisture and heat, hardened with wax, it is a very ancient technique that was used to make water containers and be transported.

Length 14.5 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 2.5 cm

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