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©Tina Karageorgi
©Tina Karageorgi
©Tina Karageorgi
©Tina Karageorgi

Tina Karageorgi

  • Multimedia sculptor
  • Kifisia, Greece
  • Master Artisan
Tina Karageorgi Multimedia sculptor
Greek, English, French, Russian
By appointment only
+30 2106252086
©Tina Karageorgi

Connecting to nature

  • • Tina finds joy in experimenting with ceramics
  • • She studied at Athens School of Fine Arts
  • • She transforms common shapes into psychological expressions

Tina Karageorgi created her first art ceramics for her solo show in 2011, entitled The Forest. She loves everything about her craft, “From the feel of the material in my hands to the awe at the finished product”. She studied painting and ceramics at the Athens School of Fine Arts and when creating her objects, she likes to combine different disciplines. Tina believes that ceramic art is hard labour in every sense. “Giving "birth" to a concept is very different to having a commission; it is a process that takes a long time. Sometimes ideas lie for months in my books but my mind is wondering about them incessantly. In many cases, it takes many trials and much disappointment. Ceramics is whimsical to a big degree.”

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  • ©Tina Karageorgi
  • ©Tina Karageorgi
  • ©Tina Karageorgi
  • ©Tina Karageorgi
  • ©Tina Karageorgi
Photo: ©Tina Karageorgi

Turnesols is a hand shaped ceramic vase made from red stoneware. The vase is covered with a black satin glaze, transparent in places, revealing the red stoneware below. Iron sunflowers are hand cut and shaped, oxidised and patinated. The inspiration for this piece came from Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower vase.

Height 60 cm
Width 40 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: ©Tina Karageorgi

This vase, coated with a black satin glaze, was handcrafted from red stoneware. The base is slightly oval and opens to an irregular elliptic shaped cone. The mouth of the vase is slightly off centred and features a black satin glaze. Eight iris flowers, made from stoneware ceramic with black satin glaze, have been built on black iron stems of different height and eight iris flowers are hand cut and shaped from iron.

Height 45 cm
Width 82 cm
Diameter 55 cm

Photo: ©Tina Karageorgi
Sideways vase

This lopsided pot in the form of a soft bag has been handcrafted from white stoneware and white semi-matte glaze. The sides are pressed slightly inwards and are built up unevenly. A long uneven big daffodil like flowers arrangement round the top and bottom of the rim.

Height 58 cm
Width 58 cm
Diameter 26 cm

Photo: ©Tina Karageorgi
Magnolias bowl

This wide rimmed bowl, handcrafted from stoneware and semi-transparent white glaze, is filled with large blooming stoneware magnolia flowers.

Height 16 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: ©Tina Karageorgi

This ceramic wall sculpture arrangement is composed of different size vine leaves and a bunch of grapes. The arrangement is handcrafted from red stoneware with a black satin glaze. Bronze wires are welded and patinated black to form the two stems of the small vine leaf. The arrangement can be arranged in different ways.

Height 80 cm
Length 140 cm

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