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MKesseler © MFO
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Timothy Staines

Timothy Staines Orrery maker
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A universe of knowledge and talent

  • • Timothy is one of five orrery makers worldwide
  • • The waiting list for an orrery is two years
  • • The object owes its name to its first customer

Timothy Staines’ professional world revolves around his parents' garage. It is here that his father Derek built his workshop, and it is here that the two men make their orreries, old-fashioned contraptions that reconstruct the solar system and its functioning. Collectibles that owe their name to the first English customer who commissioned one in the 18th century, Mr. Orrery, who legend has it saw a similar one during a trip to France, where usually these solar systems were accompanied by a clock. “Dad, who was an engineer and is retired today, has always enjoyed building objects in his spare time. One day he was fascinated by an antique orrery for auction at Christie's. He decided he would try to make one. From there a great passion was born that he passed on to me and that today is my job”.

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Photo: © All rights reserved
Nine Planet Genesis Orrery

This brass and stainless steel orrery features planets from Mercury to Pluto, including their major orbiting moons, and very precisely mimics their movement. The orrery was designed by Derek and Timothy so that one turn of the handle advances the orrery '3 hours'.

Height 41 cm
Length 54 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Tellurion Orrery

This is Timothy and Derek's smallest model. The Tellurion is a representation of the Earth as it orbits the Sun and it is seen here with the inclusion of Mercury and Venus. This orrery was the first designed to incorporate the precession of the nodes.

Height 20 cm
Length 14 cm

Photo: ©Michelangelo foundation
Inner Planet Orrery

'Inner Planet' is a term used to refer to the first four planets of our solar system. This particular Inner Planet model is a result of a recent redesign and was the first to represent Mars' moons orbiting at their correct relative pace. The fastest moon, Phobos, completes one orbit in less than 8 hours.

Height 28 cm
Length 18 cm

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