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©Mindaugas Malakauskas
©Mindaugas Malakauskas
©Mindaugas Malakauskas
©Mindaugas Malakauskas
©Raf Celis

Tim van Caubergh

  • Woodworker
  • Zeist, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Tim van Caubergh Woodworker
Dutch, English, French, German
By appointment only
+31 681147813
©Julia Otilia

Sculpting wood

  • • Tim's art aims to spark joy through beauty
  • • Organic forms constitute his designs
  • • Monumental art enhances the heritage of a site

Tim van Caubergh’s talent for construction was apparent as a child, using all sorts of materials, such as Lego and sand, to create and build. After studying Design at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, he almost chose architecture as his chosen path, however at the last minute he decided to listen to his intuition which told him that he loved to make and craft things with his own hands. His journey into organic architecture has shaped a design ethos that extends beyond the physical piece itself, to a wider, more abstract context. His wood designs resemble the architecture of the building for which the piece is being created, while at the same time, retaining a unique contemporary character. More importantly for Tim, his commissioned pieces must serve the people using them, in the most functional and emotionally pleasing way possible.

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  • ©Raf Celis
  • ©Matthijs Wolters
  • ©Raf Celis
  • ©Peter Lipton
  • ©Raf Celis
Photo: ©Raf Celis
Aecor shelf

These shelves are inspired by the hulls of sailing yachts and the sleek body of the stingray. The client was jewellery designer Julia Otilia, she was closely involved in the design of the furniture for her studio and the sources of inspiration are some of the same that inspire her when she creates her jewellery designs. Thick boards of ash wood are stacked and then shaped with a plane, angle grinder and sanding machines for a smooth surface.

Length 170 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 15 cm

Photo: ©Matthijs Wolters
Cantus lectern

This lectern was made for a 13th century Gothic church. Tim has echoed the shapes of the church organ. With its sharp contrast of flowing shapes and straight lines, it suggests the flow and staccato of music. The ash wood lectern looks like it has grown out of the ground: a stem with a flowering bud that starts to open. To build the flowing shapes, Tim has used steam bending and lamination techniques.

Length 162 cm
Width 124 cm
Height 130 cm

Photo: ©Raf Celis
Cetus table

The shape of this table is inspired by life in the ocean, the shape of a wave about to break, the shape of a tail of a mighty whale rising from the water. This table was built for the atelier of jewellery designer Julia Otilia. Thick boards of natural ash wood are stacked and then shaped with a plane, angle grinder and sanding machine to a smooth curve. Designed in collaboration with Julia Otilia.

Length 162 cm
Width 124 cm
Height 78 cm

Photo: ©Peter Lipton
Iteratio altar

This natural waxed oak wood altar, with its multitude of straight legs creating a double curved surface. Every line symbolises a prayer: one line, the simplest of architectonical shapes, is just a line, but when a community comes together, every single line is unique and a beautiful whole is created. Twenty-five frames are connected by thicker boards that form the top of the table.

Length 237 cm
Width 110 cm
Height 95 cm

Photo: ©Raf Celis
La Chaise chair

The whitewashed front legs and back of this chair are one piece, curved and twisted. The forms are inspired by life in the ocean: a stingray gliding through the water. The first series was built for the atelier of jewellery designer Julia Otilia, who creates jewellery inspired by shapes in nature. To create the shapes, Tim has sliced the plank in pieces, bent them with the use of steam and then glued the pieces back together.

Length 58 cm
Width 62 cm
Height 85 cm

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