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©Srđan Vidaković
©Srđan Vidaković
©Srđan Vidaković
©Srđan Vidaković
©Srđan Vidaković

Tijana Hojan Vukić

  • Štap & kanap
  • Weaver
  • Backa Palanka, Serbia
  • Rising Star
Tijana Hojan Vukić Weaver
Serbian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+381 666166686
©Srđan Vidaković

Weaving threads with love

  • • The first object Tijana made was a macramé tapestry
  • • Weaving connects her with her people and heritage
  • • She considers craftspeople – and those who buy from them – heroes

Drawn to macramé, Tijana Hojan Vukić was compelled to discover her own talent. This self-taught craftswoman from Vojvodina wanted to buy a tapestry for herself, and when she didn’t find one – she decided to make it herself. That’s how her story starts: at home, with a baby, discovering her new creative self. Tijana had always been good with her hands, doing different handicrafts, researching materials, colours and textures. When she first started her creative pursuits, she was lucky to join a rising global trend in tapestry making, and today she has a charming little studio. “The techniques I use are very old and weaving is deeply etched in the history of my people.” She points out that macramé, for example, cannot ever be replicated by a machine. It’s always made by hand.

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  • ©Srđan Vidaković
  • ©Srđan Vidaković
  • ©Srđan Vidaković
  • ©Srđan Vidaković
  • ©Srđan Vidaković
Photo: ©Srđan Vidaković
Be one with nature

This soft-toned macramé wall decoration is inspired by forest and nature, created in boho style. A forest-found deer antler is used as the base from which the threads are woven, while the tapestry itself was made of recycled cotton rope in earthy colours.

Height 90 cm
Width 65 cm

Photo: ©Srđan Vidaković
Sea side

A combination of natural raffia and remaining fragments of cotton rope creates an effective wall decoration. From a modern geometric shape falls a bunch of threads resembling sea grass. The amount of recycled material used makes this piece altogether environmentally friendly.

Height 97 cm
Width 36 cm

Photo: ©Srđan Vidaković
Autumn on the wall

This hanging wall decoration was inspired by autumn colours and textures. Woven with the macraweave technique, the combination of macramé and hand weaving, the hoop is filled with exclusively natural materials, including a selection of dried flowers.

Height 58 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Photo: ©Srđan Vidaković
Tapestry in embroidery hoop

Woven into a firm, wooden embroidery hoop, this piece features cool, northern sky tones. Filled with woven Merino wool and different types of acrylic wool, this decoration can be either hung up or placed upright on a shelf, leaning on its background.

Diameter 26 cm

Photo: ©Srđan Vidaković
Different kind of minimalism

Made with macraweave technique, a combination of macramé and hand weaving, this wall decoration is minimalist in design. For this piece, only recycled materials were used: recycled cotton and different reused fabrics, in a pastel colour palette.

Height 81 cm
Width 49 cm

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