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© Signe Milkov
© Madis Palm
© Signe Milkov
© Signe Milkov
© Signe Milkov

Tiina Andron

  • Leatherworker
  • Tartu, Estonia
  • Master Artisan
Tiina Andron Leatherworker
Estonian, English
Monday to Friday 12:00 - 18:00
+372 5285574
© Signe Milkov

Layers of vibrant leather

  • • Tiina loves colourful leather
  • • She is a designer who likes a challenge
  • • She trains apprentices from all over the world

From a young girl dreaming about leather design to a life as a highly skilled leather master, Tiina is passionate both about leather as a material and the designing process. With numerous exhibitions, publications and nominations in her field of expertise, Tiina’s works are colourful and warm like her personality and inspired by nature and modern architecture. For her, the quality of the final product is more important than the quantity and therefore she strongly advises to take time when it comes to creating a timeless piece of design. Tiina welcomes apprentices not only from Estonia, but also from abroad to whom she teaches the traditional and modern techniques of leather design.

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  • © Signe Milkov
  • © Signe Milkov
  • © Signe Milkov
  • © Signe Milkov
  • © Simo Reinvald
Photo: © Signe Milkov
Carry bag, Enigma collection

This spacious leather carry bag with an adjustable shoulder strap is from Tiina Andron’s Enigma Collection created for cold autumn and winter months. The bag was handcrafted from black textured leather with a luxury-lined interior. Its design was inspired by the rhythm of geometrical patterns, modern architecture and cyphered messages. The collection accentuates its wearer through its special leathers and with exciting details.

Height 40 cm
Width 38 cm

Photo: © Signe Milkov
Ipad bag, Andron Colour Mix Collection

This shoulder bag, created to carry a medium-sized IPad, tablet and other smart devices is part of Tiina's Andron Colour Mix Collection. It was the first creation from this series that started as an exploration of colourful leathers and geometrical shapes inspired by retro architecture and bright full grain leathers. This unisex bag has 3 zipped pockets. The bigger pocket fits a tablet and A4 documents, the middle part can hold a notebook and in the first small pocket, a phone.

Height 31.5 cm
Width 22.5 cm

Photo: © Signe Milkov
Small accessories

Tiina Andron applies principles of zero waste in leatherwork throughout her creations. From the smaller pieces of leather, she creates jewellery such as earrings, wristbands, bracelets, wrist pockets and wallets. These yellow leather accessories are born from this principle of zero waste.

Height 11 cm
Width 17 cm

Photo: © Signe Milkov
Tote bag, Nordica Collection

Handcrafted from full grain leather with a luxury-lined interior, Tiina Andron’s spacious tote is perfectly sized for work or travel. It can be held with its top handles or hands-free with an adjustable strap. The bag is part of her Nordica Collection, inspired by autumn nights and the Nordic starry sky, which in its bitter autumn seems wonderful, and powerful like a woman who is smart, bold and free in her choices.

Height 31 cm
Width 35 cm

Photo: © Simo Reinvald
Portfolio Uno

The keywords to describe Tiina Andron’s bags are visibility, emotion and function. This shoulder bag is part of her Andron Collection. Andron bags have a very distinctive shape and are designed as a unisex accessory. The larger bags are multifunctional and can be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag, a tote, or as a backpack.

Height 30 cm
Width 40 cm

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