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© Takaya Hanayuishi
© Takaya Hanayuishi
© Takaya Hanayuishi
© All rights reserved

Takaya Hanayuishi

  • Flower designer
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Master Artisan
Takaya Hanayuishi Flower designer
By appointment only
+81 755858901
© Rob Walber

Flowers for your hair

  • • Takaya creates amazing vegetable headpieces
  • • He uses fresh flowers and raw vegetables
  • • Every composition is unique and unrepeatable

Hybrid, unique, amazing: Takaya Hanayuishi doesn’t fit into categories and definitions. He’s neither a floral designer nor a hair stylist. Specialised in adorning the head of models and brides with fresh flowers and raw vegetables, he arranges directly on their hair and prunes with scissors, he sees himself as the artist who created a new genre. Yet, he hasn’t dealt with flowers all his life. “I was fascinated by tulips when I was a child, but back then I wanted to be a cook.” So at the age of 24, he opened his own restaurant. But a few years later, in 2004, something happened. “I was cooking in the kitchen when the image of a lady with blooming flowers in her hair popped into my mind. As soon as I turned that image to reality, my art was born.”

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  • © Takaya Hanayuishi
  • © Takaya Hanayuishi
  • © Takaya Hanayuishi
  • © Takaya Hanayuishi
  • © Takaya Hanayuishi
Photo: © Takaya Hanayuishi
Male headpieces

It’s easy to associate flowers with women, but Takaya has been creating floral headpieces for men from the beginning of his career. Here he used yellow callas and orange strelitzia (also known as crane flower or bird of paradise) for one model (right side), purple oncidium, hydrangea (hortensia) and tulips for the other (left).

Photo: © Takaya Hanayuishi
Gypsophila headpiece

Gypsophila is a humble flower, a popular filler variety to add volume to bouquets and compositions. In this headpiece, Takaya turns it into the absolute protagonist, shaping it alone to decorate his model’s head.

Photo: © Takaya Hanayuishi
Face cover

Back in 2013, Takaya felt people’s faces and expressions to be a little annoying. He thus decided to cover them completely in some of his creations. He used a colorful bunch of flowers from carnations to rose, orchids and others, and arranged them beautifully in the shape of a heart.

Photo: © Takaya Hanayuishi
Calla and orchids headpiece

Different flowers in the same hue characterise this composition, created for a live performance. The model is a dancer, whose body and movements are matched by the flexible, wavy arrangement.

Photo: © Takaya Hanayuishi
Bulbs and roots headpiece

What is normally hidden is here given centre stage as the protagonist: bulbs and roots are harmonically arranged on the woman’s head to express the power of life. The flowers used are tulips, grape hyacinths (muscari) and flowering quinces (Chaenomeles speciosa).

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