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Takashi & Ryuta Fukuda

  • Ryukobo
  • Weaver
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Master Artisan
Takashi & Ryuta Fukuda Weaver
By appointment only
+81 336642031

Contemporary silk braiding

  • • Ryuta and Takashi master over 300 braiding techniques
  • • Ryukobo is one of the oldest silk braiding ateliers in Tokyo
  • • Takashi is certified as a traditional craftsman

Takashi Fukuda and his son, Ryuta, are masters of kumihimo, a traditional braiding technique practised in Japan for over 1,400 years. Drawing from hundreds of braiding methods, they can create the perfect piece for any custom order, from delicate braids to cords that extend over four meters in length. Their high-quality work has attracted the patronage of the imperial family as well as icons of Japanese traditional culture, such as stars of kabuki theater and sumo wrestlers. International collaborations include luxury brands and the American pop star Lady Gaga. Their recent work aims to develop more innovative lines by experimenting with new materials, revitalizing the image of their traditional craft.

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  • ©︎Ryukobo
  • ©︎Ryukobo
  • ©︎Ryukobo
  • ©︎Ryukobo
  • ©︎Ryukobo
Photo: ©︎Ryukobo
Kumihimo Pouch

This pale pink pouch features a wide kumihimo braid and a large bow reminiscent of the fluttering tail of a goldfish. Rarely seen today, the braid used to create this pouch famously appears in the portrait of the 7th century Prince Shotoku Taishi. Also referred to as "Yasuda-gumi", this braid is the maximum width possible to be made on a traditional braiding stand.

Length 20 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 9 cm

Photo: ©︎Ryukobo

The ribs of this umbrella are adorned with hollow braids. The braid's airy texture, the lustre of the silk, and the colour palette are all unique to the aesthetics of pre-modern Tokyo. The handle is made with an auspicious turtle shell pattern from ancient Japan.

Length 90 cm
Width 5 cm
Height 5 cm

Photo: ©︎Ryukobo
Tokyo-style wooden clappers

Traditionally used to pray for happiness, these wooden clappers are made of two oak blocks connected by a red and white silk braid. The twisting design of the braid pays homage to the simple twisted cotton string that is conventionally used to join the clappers.

Length 13.5 cm
Width 5.5 cm
Height 2.5 cm

Photo: ©︎Ryukobo
Kame Korai-gumi

Ryuta Fukuda developed this original lace-like design by combining two braiding techniques, the Kagome-gumi used for summer kimono belts and the high-class Koraigumi. This innovative pairing has been duly named Kagome Korai-gumi.

Length 50 cm
Width 2 cm

Photo: ©︎Ryukobo
Tasca 4D RIN Chair

This braided chair was created in collaboration with Tasca 4D using the Mitake braiding technique. The dense braid of this technique and silk threads stretched horizontally offer excellent elasticity and comfort.

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