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©Susanne Worschech
©Susanne Worschech
©Susanne Worschech
©Susanne Worschech
©Susanne Worschech

Susanne Worschech

  • Studio Keramos
  • Ceramicist
  • Apolda, Germany
  • Master Artisan
Susanne Worschech Ceramicist
By appointment only
+49 15115600021
©Susanne Worschech

Sharing her love of clay

  • • Susanne's ceramics are a great example of wabi-sabi aesthetics
  • • Clay makes her feel grounded and soothed
  • • She enjoys discovering her audience's take on her work

Susanne Worschech grew up in a family of creative individuals, from illustrators and graphic designers to musicians. She first studied art to become a teacher and then fine arts. When she discovered clay, she immediately embraced it. Susanne's work explores form and colour theories from the Bauhaus style, whose specific rules she adhered to at the beginning of her career. "I believe that the fixed structures helped me organise myself." With time, Susanne's interest in imperfection and the senses began to emerge in her work. The Japanese teaching of wabi-sabi supported her in her approach, and she dealt extensively with techniques like kintsugi and raku. It is Susanne's passion to share her love of clay with other people, whether through lectures, ceramic workshops in her studio, or at ceramic dinners with professional chefs.

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  • ©Susanne Worschech
  • ©Susanne Worschech
  • ©Susanne Worschech
  • ©Susanne Worschech
  • ©Susanne Worschech
Photo: ©Susanne Worschech
Copper-green shell

This copper-green bowl cast from stoneware has a semicircular shape. It is glazed in ivory and painted with copper-green lines, some convergent from the upper edge to the middle. The bowl is supported by a delicate four-footed stand made from iron.

Photo: ©Susanne Worschech
Basket bowl

The basket bowl is mounted from stoneware ceramics in the shape of a semicircular bowl. It resembles wickerwork due to the recesses. In addition to being ivory-colored, the bowl is also painted brown and copper green on the inside.

Photo: ©Susanne Worschech

The moonstones are a sculpture consisting of ten spherical objects that are attached to a base with a metal tube. The surface of the objects is painted with a crate glaze and is almost black, reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

Photo: ©Susanne Worschech

The moss stones are spherical objects. Their surface is dark gray. The tops have a white crater glaze. Light green, living moss grows out of them in a round shape.

Photo: ©Susanne Worschech
White Gold edition

The object consists of a semi-circular bowl mounted on a flat bowl. Both bowls are made of black vulcan clay. The upper shell is glazed in white inside. Both bowls are painted with 24 carat gold.

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