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Stéphanie Dunand

  • So Art Floral
  • Flower designer
  • Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France
  • Master Artisan
Stéphanie Dunand Flower designer

The bride's fairy godmother

  • • Stéphanie specialises in luxury events and weddings
  • • Her style is versatile and her arrangements are always custom-made
  • • She first started her craft when she lived in Senegal

Stéphanie Dunand’s career as a floral designer sprouted in Africa and blossomed in France. It all started when she was living in Senegal. A flower lover since childhood, she met Ousmane who shared her passion, and together they decided to launch a florist's especially for expats, as there was no such thing there. The business flourished: "We wanted the best for our customers, so we used to get a great variety of flowers from Holland: lilies of the valley, tulips, orchids and many others," she says. Yet, soon Stéphanie got bored with the shop. As she dreamed of shifting her focus from selling bouquets to arranging flowers for weddings and big events, she moved back to her native France, where her luxury atelier So Art Floral was born.

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Photo: @photographerinparis
Floral suspension

A refined wedding table, decorated with elegant centrepieces and a matching floral suspension. The flowers used are both fresh and dried: the colour palette is mostly pink for the first ones, white for the latter. The result is soft, romantic and very sophisticated.

Photo: @gabyalves
Paris wedding

A bridal bouquet made of roses, peonies and anthurium, all in a vivid shade of salmon pink. The colour palette is uniform, but the bouquet is enlivened by the different shapes and sizes of the flowers.

Photo: @Stéphanie Dunand
Stairway to heaven

A majestic 15-metre stairway decorated with 2000 red roses, arranged all along its handrails. The spectacular arrangement was made for a big event, the launch of a French cosmetic brand.

Photo: @Stéphanie Dunand
Modern buffet

A modern and graphic arrangement for a corporate buffet. Green hydrangea, red tulips and other assorted flowers are beautifully displayed in dark vases of different heights and shapes. The choice of complementary colours for the palette, completed by black, gives character to the composition.

Photo: @Stéphanie Dunand
Bohemian wedding

A bountiful decoration of fresh and dried flowers for a bohemian-style wedding. Pink and white roses are mixed with pampas grass and arranged both horizontally - before the bride and groom’s table - and vertically, in a kind of natural arch towering above it. The result is both wild and sophisticated.

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