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© Patrick Saad
© Patrick Saad
© Patrick Saad
© Patrick Saad
© Patrick Saad

Stéphane Marguerite

  • Wallaby Boomerangs
  • Boomerang maker
  • Hyères, France
  • Master Artisan
Stéphane Marguerite Boomerang maker
French, English
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00
+33 967586081
©Frédéric Joncour

The mystical boomerang

  • • Stéphane was captain of the French and Canadian boomerang teams
  • • There are only about ten boomerang makers left in the world
  • • Eco materials and processes are a priority for Stéphane

Stéphane Marguerite discovered the boomerang thanks to his uncle in 1981 and it became a passion. Competitor since 1983 and listed in the Guinness Book for his world record, Stéphane launched his workshop Wallaby Boomerangs in 1993, specialising in the design of high-quality recreational boomerangs. The boomerang, as an instrument of leisure or decoration piece, enchants children and adults alike. Stéphane crafts and paints his boomerangs by hand, from various renewable natural sources such as wood or new composite materials. His vocation is to reconcile environmental protection and the practice of a healthy physical activity, respecting an ancient know-how. “The boomerang is above all a philosophy. It's a sport where you make the gear you play with. It's not a professional sport, it's more of a community, like surfing.”

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  • ©Patrick Saad
  • ©Frédéric Joncour
  • ©Frédéric Joncour
  • ©Patrick Saad
  • ©Patrick Saad
Photo: ©Patrick Saad

The Kadina boomerang is a performance boomerang for right-handers, but it can also be used by beginners thanks to its pleasant trajectory and its comfort when throwing and catching. The name Kadina means lizard, a word derived from Kadiyinya, from the Narungga people. It has a flight range of 25 to 30 metres.

Photo: ©Frédéric Joncour

The Wallaby boomerang is smooth and unique. Even though it has a two-wings shape, it flies like a three-sided boomerang. The Wallaby is available for right-handed adults and comes with a 25 to 30-metre flight distance (75 to 90 feet).

Photo: ©Frédéric Joncour

The Tiwi boomerang is a four-sided boomerang made out of wood. It has a flight distance of 30 to 35 metres and works best at medium wind. Due to its unique shape, the Tiwi is easy to catch and returns quickly after throwing it. Named after an Aboriginal tribal group from the islands of Melville and Bathurst in the Northern Territory. The Tiwi is an excellent boomerang for right-handed adults who'd like to improve their throwing and catching further.

Photo: ©Patrick Saad

The Waak boomerang is an authentic wooden boomerang for adults who want to master the art of throwing boomerangs. With its traditional shape, the Waak is easy to throw but very unpredictable in its flight. This authentic boomerang is for right-handed adults and more intermediate throwers only. The Waak has a 35-to-40-metre flight distance.

Photo: ©Patrick Saad
Warramba Triblade

The Warramba Triblade boomerang has a funky contemporary shape, making it an ideal boomerang for right-handed beginners. Warramba means 'turtle' in the local Wiradjuri language. Even though the wings are asymmetrical, you can hold each of them. This boomerang is designed for light wind and flights slowly and smoothly, with a stable hover at the end of it. It comes with a flight distance of 20 metres and is easy to throw and catch.

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