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©Stepan Soultanian
©Stepan Soultanian
©Stepan Soultanian
©Stepan Soultanian
©Stepan Soultanian

Stepan Soultanian

Stepan Soultanian Luthier
Greek, English, German, Japanese
By appointment only
+357 99669687
©Stepan Soultanian

The Cypriot violin maker

  • • Stepan's passions are woodcraft and music
  • • He handcrafts violins using 17th-century methods
  • • He enjoys teaching students and apprentices

Stepan Soultanian was 15 when he met a violin repairer. This encounter sparked his curiosity for violin making. The sight of all the tools and the smell in the workshop fascinated him so much that he made this craft his career. Most people don't realize that the arching and the thickness of a violin is carved from solid wood with an accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre. Hence, he advises young people who want to follow violin making to be committed to their craft but not to expect to get rich from it. The magic transformation of a piece of wood in a musical instrument of high quality happens on the hills of Mazotos, Larnaca, in a workshop placed between sea and mountain. A highlight in his career was his meeting with great Maestro Salvatore Accardo. Stepan showed him a violin that he had made and the Maestro recognized the model and was impressed with the tone.

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  • ©Stepan Soultanian
  • ©Stepan Soultanian
  • ©Stepan Soultanian
  • ©Stepan Soultanian
Photo: ©Stepan Soultanian
Violin I

Stepan modelled this instrument after Francesco Rugeri (1620-1698) di Cremona, a pupil of Nicolo Amati. The elegant violin was entirely handcrafted, paying close attention to balance and harmony in contours and shapes. It was finished with spirit varnish to enhance the beauty of the wood. The tone is bright and solid with clear overtones.

Length 35.5 cm

Photo: ©Stepan Soultanian
Violin II

Stepan modelled this violin after the “Messiah”, made in 1716 by Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) from Cremona. The wood used was acquired from an old Belgian violin maker and is over 80 years old. It was varnished using a combination of oil and spirit. The tone is rich and deep with bright harmonics.

Length 35.6 cm

Photo: ©Stepan Soultanian

This Cello was based on a 1740 Domenico Montagnana (1687-1750) made in Venice. With their graceful curves and harmonious proportions, Montagnana's cellos are considered to be some of the finest sounding instruments. The varnish is a combination of oil and spirit. The tone is deep and powerful with bright overtones.

Length 75.1 cm

Photo: ©Stepan Soultanian

This viola is scaled down and modified version of the “Conte Vitale” 1676 viola by Andrea Guarneri (1623-1698) di Cremona. The distinctive high arching creates a large air volume within the body resulting in a deep, rounded tone that is powerful and sensitive. The head has been reduced to make it lighter and more comfortable. The golden spirit varnish is reminiscent of the original instrument.

Length 41 cm

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