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© Georges Lingom
© Georges Lingom
© Georges Lingom
© Georges Lingom
© Angus Mackay

Sophie Longwill

  • Glass sculptor
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Master Artisan
Sophie Longwill Glass sculptor
© Georges Lingom

Capturing fleeting moments

  • • Sophie combines printmaking and glass
  • • She describes her pieces as whimsical and warm
  • • She loves to experiment with her chosen material

Sophie Longwill has always been creative and was encouraged from a young age. She experimented with many materials before finding her true passion in glass. Her work is playful combining glass techniques with printmaking. Using the delicate technique of pâte-de-verre she creates work which seeks to capture fleeting moments of everyday life. She transforms ordinary life into works of art, adding a sense of magic and wonder. Her work reflects how she sees the world and her positive outlook is infectious. Whether it is a bra hooked over the back of a chair, a text message from a loved one or a chance glimpse of the sunset on a walk home, she presents the everyday in ways we have not encountered it before.

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Photo: © All rights reserved

A tall glass sculpture that looks like a vessel or vase. The glass has folded in on itself, forming ripples and folds like a draped piece of cloth. The outer surface is made of fine granules of clear glass which catch the light and glitter. On the inside the glass is even finer and has a matte colourful surface. The colours are inspired by a sunset, blues, pinks and golds.

Length 29 cm
Width 29 cm
Height 21.5 cm
Diameter 29 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Nubivagant (Cloud Wanderer)

A long flowing glass sculpture, it looks like a ripple or wave suspended in time. The sculpture is light grey in colour with patches of blue and purple. The entire surface is covered in raised lines and marks which add texture and a sense of movement to the piece.

Length 38 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 6 cm
Diameter 22 cm

Photo: © Angus Mackay

A yellow and orange glass vessel sculpture. The form has flowing curves and ripples. A cluster of delicate strands of clear and white glass are fused into the surface. Inside the vessel the fine grains of clear glass reflect the light while the outside is matte and looks soft and delicate.

Length 18 cm
Width 16.5 cm
Height 9 cm
Diameter 16.5 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

An upright glass vessel sculpture with a narrow base that opens wider at the top. The glass has draped and folded like fabric. The outside surface is glittering clear glass grains while the inside is matte and colourful. It has blue inside the edges and a band of yellow across the middle with raised lines of pink dancing across it. It is a playful piece inspired by feelings of summer.

Length 17 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 11 cm
Diameter 16 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

A small glass sculpture reminiscent in form to a clam shell, open wide with ripples along the sides. On the outside clear grains of glass sparkle while the inside is matte and soft, coloured with yellow and orange.

Length 15 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 7.5 cm
Diameter 16 cm

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