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©Vincent Baldensperger
©Vincent Baldensperger
©Vincent Baldensperger
©Vincent Baldensperger
©Jean-Luc Sarda

Sophie & Jean Blanc

  • À l’Or et du Bois
  • Gilder
  • Montégut-Lauragais, France
  • Master Artisan
Sophie & Jean Blanc Gilder
French, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+33 685118280
©Vincent Baldensperger

In touch with history

  • • Sophie and Jean restore wooden furniture
  • • Their work includes prestigious cultural heritage projects
  • • Sophie creates gilded sculptures inspired by nature

Sophie and Jean Blanc met during a career change: both left their respective jobs to pursue their passion, furniture restoration. Together they have evolved in this craft and have become Master Craftsmen. After years of training and working as employees, the couple set up their own workshop in 2005, À l’Or et du Bois. They have mastered various conservation and restoration techniques which they apply to furniture and decorative objects from the 17th to the 20th century: gilding, polychromy, marquetry to name just a few. While Jean is an expert in furniture restoration, Sophie specialises mostly in gilding. Her creativity has led her to further explore this art by creating unique sculptures, where she reveals the fragility of plants through gold leaf.

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  • © A l'or et du bois
  • © A l'or et du bois
  • ©Jean Luc Sada
  • ©Jean Luc Sada
  • ©Jean Luc Sada
Photo: © A l'or et du bois
Applique cartel

This restored applique cartel of the Louis XV period has a veneer of violet wood, on a conifer and oak core, it is decorated with gilded and chiselled bronzes. The central bronze represents an allegory of music accompanied by two angels carrying the image of a dolphin. This bronze carries the mark of the crowned C. The mechanism is signed Picart at Crespy in Valois.

Length 13 cm
Width 28 cm
Height 58 cm

Photo: © A l'or et du bois
Corner cupboard

This restored Louis XV period corner cupboard is attributed to Migeon. It is inlaid with violet wood arranged in butterfly wings with an unfolded motif. The interior is veneered in fruitwood with dark wood nets. The gilded bronze elements complement the upper and lower parts of its side panels and lock. The top is made of Aleppo Breche marble.

Length 65 cm
Width 85 cm
Height 91.5 cm

Photo: ©Jean Luc Sada
Impalpable forêt

This botanical composition, named "Impalpable forêt" sits in a rectangular glass bell with built-in lighting, mounted on a black wooden base. The piece is made of 24 giant agrostides (Agrostis gigantea) gilded with gold leaf and attached on stainless steel stems.

Length 35 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 59.4 cm

Photo: ©Jean Luc Sada

This botanical composition "Circonvolution" sits in a domed glass bell, mounted on a black varnished base. The piece is made of 20 gilded beech wood cupules with gold leaf attached to stainless steel stems, which spiral around grass (Eragrostis Spectabilis) that is gilded with Moongold gold leaf.

Height 42 cm
Diameter 22 cm

Photo: ©Jean Luc Sada

This botanical composition "Mel’ancolie" sits in a domed glass bell, mounted on a blackened wooden base. The piece is made of five feathery achenes of wild salsify (tragopogon pratensis) gilded with gold leaf and gold powder and of four grey columbines attached to stainless steel stems. It is complemented with a single grey lichen lying at the bottom of the bell.

Height 27 cm
Diameter 14 cm

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