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©Orlando Duò
©Orlando Duò
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Sonja Duò-Meyer

  • Ceramicist
  • Wetzikon, Switzerland
  • Master Artisan
Sonja Duò-Meyer Ceramicist
German, English, Italian
By appointment only
+41 449324708
©Orlando Duò

Encapsulating time in porcelain

  • • Sonja uses Limoges porcelain and black engobe
  • • She simplifies the shape and materials to achieve a pure expression
  • • Every vessel she makes is entirely hand-built

It is the absence of obtrusive ornamentation that sets apart the work by Sonja Duò-Meyer. By reducing the expression to the sole interplay of shape and material, everything that is left is amplified. “I aspire to spark the emergence of images in the eye of the beholder by taking away everything that would be suggestive.” However, her approach to reduction can also be understood as a process of condensation, as the surface is the shape itself and the colour is encased in the material. No additives, at least nothing physical, but time. Every vessel is built-up entirely by hand, encapsulating the time running through, layer after layer, a timekeeper that only runs once, during its creation. The unique presence of Sonja Duò-Meyer’s sculptures has been honoured with exhibitions worldwide, a residency in Tajimi, Japan, and a collaboration with architect Peter Zumthor.

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  • ©Orlando Duò
  • ©Orlando Duò
  • ©Orlando Duò
  • ©Orlando Duò
  • Collection Frank Nievergelt©Musée Ariana - Maurizio Brivio
Photo: ©Orlando Duò
Monkey 1

This handmade porcelain vase was made by ceramicist Sonja Duò-Meyer. It is of a grey colour, with a cove running over the top part of the vase. Duò-Meyer describes her pieces as sounding boards of stillness.

Height 28 cm
Diameter 19 cm

Photo: ©Orlando Duò
Ovoid vessel

Sonja Duò-Meyer made this porcelain vessel with a black engobe, giving it a dark rich colour.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: ©Orlando Duò
Two Sisters

These two pieces by Sonja Duò-Meyer are made of porcelain, and are of an off-white colour with a visible natural texture. The surface is like a vibrating membrane, as if moving and throbbing.

Height 23 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: ©Orlando Duò
Ovoid receptacle

This ovoid receptacle by Sonja Duò-Meyer is made of porcelain. Its base and top are narrower than the centre of the piece, that is larger.

Height 21 cm
Width 29 cm

Photo: Collection Frank Nievergelt©Musée Ariana - Maurizio Brivio

These two pieces form part of the Collection Nievergelt by Sonda Duò-Meyer and can be found at the Ariana Museum of Geneva. They were created using an oxidisation firing at 1,280°C.

Height 54 cm
Diameter 21.1 cm

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