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© Sini Majuri
© Sini Majuri
© Sini Majuri
© Sini Majuri
© Sini Majuri

Sini Majuri

  • Glassblower
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Master Artisan
Sini Majuri Glassblower
Finnish, English
By appointment only
+358 458911055
© Sini Majuri

Scandinavian cool

  • • Sini combines 3D design with old glass blowing techniques
  • • She works in a studio located in Suomenlinna, a Unesco listed sea fortress in Helsinki
  • • Her works are surreal stories captured inside blown glass

Sini Majuri works as a glass artist and designer specialising in ancient glass blowing techniques. She has received multiple design awards such as a golden A’Design Award in Italy and has held over 60 exhibitions internationally. Working through an expressive medium many of Sini’s works have a true poetry about them. Sini creates interior design objects, modern custom made light sculptures, mountainous glass landscapes and contemporary narratives in glass. For Sini glass represents endless possibilities to express moods and feelings that might be difficult to represent with words; glass can be weightless and strong at the same time. Her work often combines 3D design with an expression influenced by comic strips.

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  • © Sini Majuri
  • © Sini Majuri
  • © Sini Majuri
  • © Sini Majuri
  • © Sini Majuri
Photo: © Sini Majuri

This unique object was blown with a multilayered graal technique in which silk pressed and 3D printed pictures are extracted inside the glass layers. Gemini withholds a love story from Vyborg while the object itself narrates a story of friendship and dreaming.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 17 cm

Photo: © Sini Majuri

Designed for DutZ Collection, Sini Majuri's Bumpy vases are created in blue, gold and grey. The collection was awarded with a Silver A’Design Award from Italy in 2021. High quality meets rough glass shards that look like embellishment when placed on the rim of the vessel.

Length 17 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 16 cm
Diameter 16 cm

Photo: © Sini Majuri
I must go

I must go is a multilayered unique sculpture. This dark coloured piece represents a cartoon comic strip. In the story a woman realizes she is dreaming and jumps from a window onto a flying ship.

Length 20 cm
Width 17 cm
Height 21 cm
Diameter 17 cm

Photo: © Sini Majuri

Rain is a unique sculpture and also a glass cartoon tale. In the story a woman tries to catch the rain – which is possible only in one's imagination. This handcrafted piece with a hint of blue is made with the multilayered graal technique.

Length 24 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 24 cm
Diameter 22 cm

Photo: © Sini Majuri

Icebergs are interior sculptures, also awarded with a Silver A'Design Award. By connecting clear and turquoise mountains, Sini Majuri builds mountain ranges, mental landscapes made of glass. The surface of each recycled glass object is unique giving each object a soul.

Length 15 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 16 cm

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