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Sinead Brennan

  • Glint
  • Glass sculptor
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Master Artisan
Sinead Brennan Glass sculptor
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A maker with a message

  • • Sinead creates to spark conversation
  • • She uses found, blown and cut glass
  • • She is always looking to learn new skills

Sinead Brennan makes glass using multiple techniques: cutting, blowing and engraving. Her work is attractive and feminine but has a darker, more serious side. Her work challenges us to think about how women have been portrayed through history and continue to be viewed today. She illustrates the objectification of women and their struggle for liberation and equal rights. Glass in Ireland was traditionally a male craft which adds another layer of significance to these works which have a distinctly female voice. Sinead works from Glint, the open access space of which she is co-founder. She uses her teaching skills to share glass with other makers and the general public.

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  • ©Philip Lauterbach
  • ©Philip Lauterbach
  • ©Philip Lauterbach
  • ©Philip Lauterbach
  • ©Philip Lauterbach
Photo: ©Philip Lauterbach
An upward glance, a spirit of mischief, a come hither look

This orange and red blown glass grenade, with crystal switch detail, opens to become a compact mirror and coral blush. Sinead Brennan recycled glass to create this decorative blown glass object that she later cold worked with a diamond cutter.

Height 10.5 cm
Width 8.5 cm
Depth 8.5 cm

Photo: ©Philip Lauterbach
Charming woman, dangerously attractive

This topaz and amber cut grenade, with grey detail and a crystal switch, opens to become a compact mirror and powder, engraved with “charming woman, dangerously attractive”. The decorative object was hand blown with recycled glass and finally cold cut with a diamond cutter.

Height 11 cm
Width 6 cm
Depth 5.5 cm

Photo: ©Philip Lauterbach
For You Who Love To Flirt With Fire... Who Dare to Skate On Thin Ice...

This giant decorative yellow mascara sword with amber and crystal detail and black glass bristles, was diamond engraved with the words “For You Who Love To Flirt With Fire... Who Dare to Skate On Thin Ice”.

Height 100 cm
Width 20 cm
Depth 20 cm

Photo: ©Philip Lauterbach
Forward, Tactile, Flirtatious

This textured decorative grenade-like form, with amber and blue detail, opens to become a compact mirror and Tangerine blush. The grenade, shaped with recycled glass, was finally cold cut and engraved with a diamond tip tool.

Height 7 cm
Width 7 cm
Depth 7 cm

Photo: ©Philip Lauterbach
Keep Her Where She Belongs

This smoky green and amber grenade-shaped object, with an amber switch, opens to become a compact mirror and powder. The decorative form was diamond engraved with the words “Keep Her Where She Belongs”. The case is accompanied by a glass brush.

Height 10 cm
Width 6 cm
Depth 6 cm

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