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© Dagny Steindorsdottir
© Sigrun Lara Shanko
© Dagny Steindorsdottir
© Dagny Steindorsdottir
© Sigrun Lara Shanko

Sigrun Lara Shanko

  • Shanko Design
  • Weaver
  • Vopnafjordur, Iceland
  • Master Artisan
Sigrun Lara Shanko Weaver
Icelandic, English
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00
+354 8959165
© Dagny Steindorsdottir

Interior landscapes

  • • Sigrun uses wool and silk for her pieces
  • • She is inspired by Iceland’s rugged environment
  • • She uses traditional hand tufting techniques

In 1996 Sigrun saw hand dyed silk art for the first time at an exhibition in England; she was swept of her feet. After this encounter, she decided to learn the craft using the best quality silk and silk dyes. She then went on to explore hand tufting rugs. She learned needle punching from her mother, and now she uses a hand tufting gun too. Eventually, she decided to focus her practice on rugmaking. Her pieces are inspired by the Icelandic landscape shaped by the sea and fire. The contrast of beauty and roughness is reflected in her pieces, which combine striking imagery with soft textiles. She uses traditional techniques with an innovative approach to create one-of-a-kind rugs.

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  • © Sigrun Lara Shanko
  • © Sigrun Lara Shanko
  • © Sigrun Lara Shanko
  • © Sigrun Lara Shanko
  • © Sigrun Lara Shanko
Photo: © Sigrun Lara Shanko
Holuhraun Lava

This hand tufted rug depicts a scene of red-hot lava running down a wall towards the floor. Handcrafted from Icelandic wool, the colours of the rug range from orange to red to dark red and black.

Height 298 cm
Width 48 cm

Photo: © Sigrun Lara Shanko

This hand tufted rug, created for the MOSS restaurant in Grindavík, Iceland, mirrors the moss-covered lava landscape that can be seen outside the restaurant. Colours range from yellow moss to dark moss and brown.

Height 430 cm
Width 280 cm

Photo: © Sigrun Lara Shanko

This hand tufted rug, intended for the wall or the floor, features an Icelandic text translated in the ancient alphabetic of runes in the form of a Swedish standing stone. The colours of the rug, handcrafted from Icelandic wool, range from light brown to dark grey brown with the runes in burgundy red.

Height 220 cm
Width 135 cm

Photo: © Sigrun Lara Shanko
Fin by Finn

This hand tufted wall hanging depicts half a tail of a fin whale. The white and black colours of the handcrafted rug, created using local Icelandic wool, merge delicately with one another with markings in Roman numericals in red.

Height 78 cm
Width 210 cm

Photo: © Sigrun Lara Shanko
Rope lava

The design of this hand tufted rug, to be placed on a wall or floor, is inspired by lava forming a solid crust while red-hot lava flows underneath. The colours used are orange and red for the lava and dark grey and black for the crust.

Height 100 cm
Width 100 cm

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