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Sigita Olte

  • Ceramicist
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Rising Star
Sigita Olte Ceramicist
Latvian, English
By appointment only
+371 26676975
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Wheel throwing for peace and enrichment

  • • Sigita founded Oltes Ceramics in 2018
  • • She specialises in stone mass tableware
  • • She is a graduate of the Art Academy of Latvia

Sigita Olte’s road to become a ceramicist started in high school, where she fell in love with the craft. Then came years at the Art Academy of Latvia, where she did a Masters degree with a monumental work, titled “Imprint” – a large scale fingerprint in nature, built from unburnt bricks – telling a story about the ever-changing world. In 2018, she opened her own workshop, Oltes Ceramics. She mostly creates her works by wheel throwing, using stone mass. The techniques and the materials used in her works represent the tradition. However, the innovations are the glazes and glazing techniques she uses and the shapes she creates. After all the years of practice, Sigita reckons she could make a dish on a wheel in three minutes, yet to completely finish an object it can take up to three weeks.

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  • © Sigita Olte
  • © Sigita Olte
  • © Sigita Olte
  • © Sigita Olte
  • © Sigita Olte
Photo: © Sigita Olte
Cake stand

This wheel thrown cake stand displays the natural white colour of the stoneware clay and is decorated with pink glaze as well as ceramic gold beads. The cake stand is made with a wheel thrown technique and later treated and glazed. The material is burned in the kiln three times – bisque firing followed by clay transformation in the bisque firing and finished with glaze firing.

Height 15 cm
Diameter 26 cm

Photo: © Sigita Olte

This set of small and medium ceramic plates are handcrafted from stoneware and glazes. The small plate is made for dessert serving and the bigger plate for larger meals. The plates are made using a wheel thrown technique and glazed with grey, pink and black colour using a special splash technique. The plate creation process involves treatment, glazing and burning in a kiln two times. The bisque firing is at 850°C and the glaze firing is at 1,240°C.

Diameter 24 cm

Photo: © Sigita Olte

This minimal design wheel thrown stoneware vase is glazed with white and pink glossy glaze and golden dots. The piece is made using a wheel thrown technique and later it is treated and glazed. The vase is bisque fired three times and finished with glaze firing – the maximum temperature reaching 1240°C.

Height 10 cm
Diameter 20 cm

Photo: © Sigita Olte
Treats bowl on a stand

This minimal design bowl with a contemporary colour selection on a stand is handcrafted from stoneware and glazes. The bowl has both design and practical use. It is a beautifully designed piece, and it can also be used for storing treats or other items. The upper part is glazed with glossy pink glaze, the outer part decorated with golden beads, and the stand is glazed with white glossy glaze.

Height 14 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Sigita Olte
Decorative dish with a lid

This decorative dish with a lid can be used for storing sugar, treats or other small items. The dish is made from a combination of materials, stoneware – which is glazed with pink and black glossy glaze – and a porcelain golden coloured handle. The dish is made using a wheel thrown technique and the handle is handmade. The material is bisque fired three times and finished with glaze firings.

Height 9 cm
Diameter 8 cm

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