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©Roberto Riva
©Roberto Riva
©Roberto Riva
©Roberto Riva

Sandro Battistella

Sandro Battistella Woodworker
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3474605904
©Roberto Riva

Woodmaker with a purpose

  • • Sandro creates bespoke pieces and makes his own designs
  • • He is passionate about shapes, colours and the grains of rare woods
  • • His iconic tiny sailing boats were born as a tribute to Trieste

Sandro Battistella is a carpenter, well known in Trieste for his beautiful, tiny wooden sailing boats: delicate creations, born as a tribute to the city that adopted him years ago. Today they are awarded as trophies for Trieste’s most prestigious regatta event, the Barcolana Classic. Although his passion for making is deeply rooted in his childhood, he is self-taught, with a natural sense of proportion and a fascination for rare and precious woods. Most of the time his inspiration comes from wood itself, its shapes, colours and grains, but he's also moved by the possibility to make something meaningful, such as when he helped refugees to design and execute their new furniture pieces.

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  • ©Roberto Riva
  • ©Roberto Riva
  • ©Roberto Riva
  • ©Roberto Riva
  • ©Roberto Riva
Photo: ©Roberto Riva

This series of flower holders, handcrafted from oak, holds various glass tubes in which flower stems can be placed.

Photo: ©Roberto Riva
Trophy Barcolana classic

This miniature boat, a trophy made for the Barcolana classic, is handcrafted from oak maple, rose wood as well as silver. The model boat is placed on a sheet of glass.

Length 40 cm
Width 37 cm
Height 60 cm

Photo: ©Roberto Riva
Wood lamp

This wood desk lamp is handcrafted from red fir and walnut wood. The articulated arm of the lamp permits the user to adjust its height and position on the table.

Length 22 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 70 cm

Photo: ©Roberto Riva
Beach Boy

This sculptural wooden piece, created from red fir and walnut, can be moved around and organised like a puzzle.

Length 40 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: ©Roberto Riva
Flower holder

This flower holder, handcrafted from oak, holds various glass tubes in which flower stems can be placed.

Length 17 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 22 cm

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