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©Sandra Ban
©Sandra Ban
©Sandra Ban
©Museo Zauli
©Sandra Ban

Sandra Ban

  • Ceramicist
  • Gvozd, Croatia
  • Master Artisan
Sandra Ban Ceramicist
Croatian, English, Italian
By appointment only
+385 915445613
©Sandra Ban

Layers of material, media and consciousness

  • • Sandra is a ceramic visual artist
  • • She values the living nature of clay in all its stages
  • • Organic shapes and complex textures are central to her work

Sandra Ban is an interdisciplinary artist who works chiefly with ceramic sculpture and sculptural painting. She combines natural and living materials of earth and clay with new technologies of digital media, to express deep layers of consciousness in abstract representations. She was educated in Italy at the Art Gymnasium and Academy and at the Faculty of Architecture and Philosophy. Sandra has a lifelong passion to learn and explore concepts of anthroposophy. She is an active leader for the development of art and culture in various international organisations and art projects. Her work is exhibited independently at numerous international art residencies, exhibitions and festivals.

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  • ©Sandra Ban
  • ©Sandra Ban
  • ©Sandra Ban
  • ©Sandra Ban
  • ©Sandra Ban
Photo: ©Sandra Ban

This is a bowl-shaped turquoise sculpture with pink inside. The design is reminiscent of a fossilised marine amoeba.

Photo: ©Sandra Ban

The bowl has a blue depth and soft carved folds in the form of curled leaves. The outside of the bowl has a relief texture while the inside has a matte blue-green glaze.

Photo: ©Sandra Ban

This sculpture consists of a semi-circular shape with irregular open and carved cones on one half of the sphere. The sculpture is swaying and is meant to symbolise the need for cooperation.

Photo: ©Sandra Ban

Clay takes on an organic form, reminiscent of amoebas in liquid etheric dreams, as it is shaped into a vase-like sculpture. This intricate unity reflects the complex, instinctive thought processes and the primordial essences of existence.

Photo: ©Sandra Ban
New beginning

The sculpture is shaped like an ovoid and is lifted into a spiral, engraved with a self-made tool. It is made of two pieces, resembling the half-shell of a broken egg. Inside the eggshell is speckled with four custom-made glazes, and outside with tan colours obtained from oxides in pit firing.

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