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Sabina Burkhanova

Sabina Burkhanova Carpet maker
Uzbek, English, French, Italian, Russian, Tuvan
Daily 08:00 - 18:00
+998 905134824
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Red, for the power of the sun

  • • Sabina set up her workshop in 2010
  • • Silk carpets are typical of the Bukhara region
  • • Some carpets may take two years to make

Sabina Burkhanova preserves the ancient craft of carpet weaving and all that makes it spectacularly local and unique. She established Bukhara Silk Carpets in 2010, following the tradition passed in her family through generations. Throughout all these years Sabina claims that hundreds of apprentices have learned with her. "Young people learn the intricacies of this complex art to make sure that the tradition lives on," she says. In her workshop she and her team produce a particular type of silk carpet, specific to the Bukhara region. These carpets have short piles, which are practical in the dusty climate. Another typical feature is that Sabina's patterns always contain some shades of red, a colour linked to the power of the sun and to flames.

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Red diamonds

Bukhara carpets are red as a representation of sun and fire.

Photo: ©All rights reserved

This is a sacred pattern showing all the elements of the universe.

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Geometric flowers

This silk carpet depicts geometrically formed flowers.

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Fertility and life

This pattern represents plants and pomegranates which are symbols of life.

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