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©Rosa Maria Kulzer
©Rosa Maria Kulzer
©Rosa Maria Kulzer
©Rosa Maria Kulzer

Rosa Maria Kulzer

  • Ceramicist
  • Böblingen, Germany
  • Master Artisan
Rosa Maria Kulzer Ceramicist
German, English, Portuguese, Spanish
By appointment only
+49 17638539099
©Rosa Maria Kulzer

A passion for pots

  • • Rosa Maria creates stoneware pieces
  • • Her ceramics are made for daily appreciation
  • • She calls her assortments “pot families”

Rosa Maria Kulzer’s background in Interior Architecture shines through when she talks about ceramics and the importance of coherence in her work and with its surroundings: her "pot families", as she calls them, compliment one another, and are objects to be seen and to be used. Surrounded by ceramics in her workshop, the importance of creating objects with a purpose and an aesthetic sense are at the core of this craftswoman's vision. Her tableware and vases invite us to see everyday objects as more than just practical. Her love of clay, “an earthly material with infinite possibilities”, shows in the way she creates minimalistic shapes with natural colours and textures so that the stoneware can be presented at its best and most natural state.

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  • ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
  • ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
  • ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
  • ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
  • ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
Photo: ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
Soup bowl

This bowl by Rosa Maria Kulzer was made by wedging two colours of clay by hand. A transparent glaze was used on the inside to better keep the colour of the clay, and the structure can be felt on the outside. The shape of the bowl is a wide half circle with the curve being intentionally smooth, and the colour intentionally a natural soft grey tone.

Diameter 18 cm

Photo: ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
Pots in black and red clay

These pots by Rosa Maria Kulzer are developed and produced based on the standard form of a cylinder. Each object shows the specs of the clay and its strength. Ranging from dark grey to brown, from large and small to tall and thin, the combination of different heights and colours makes the group special yet coherent in the style.

Height 40 cm

Photo: ©Rosa Maria Kulzer

The pots developed by Rosa Maria Kulzer are often of a cylindric shape. The differences in shape, colour and style give each pot a distinct presence and character with natural tones of brown, grey and green. These ceramics are made with a mix of clay in different colours.

Height 62 cm

Photo: ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
Little vases

The shapes of these vases range from small and round to tall and cylindric, and their appearance is either unglazed or shiny. They are all of a natural grey colour with variations in the tones. For this ensemble, Rosa Maria Kulzer was looking for the best way to bring complementary between different looking pieces.

Height 13 cm

Photo: ©Rosa Maria Kulzer
Family Photo

Here is an ensemble of vases in cylinder shapes combined with covers in ball and pyramid shapes. Each pot is minimalist looking when standing alone, but together with the other pots with their shape and colour differences, they become almost alive. Rosa Maria Kulzer sees them as resembling elements in a family photography.

Height 31 cm

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