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©Romilly Saumarez
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Romilly Saumarez Smith

  • Jewellery maker
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Romilly Saumarez Smith Jewellery maker
©Romilly Saumarez

Natural muses

  • • Romilly's first love was book binding
  • • Her sources of inspiration are objects from history, nature and sea
  • • She buys metal detected finds as well as some precious stones on eBay

The word Newfoundland has become a metaphor for all Romilly Saumarez Smith’s work, along with the making of it. “It seems to be an uplifting word, three words, each one with its distinct meaning. The actual island is an extraordinary place, remote but abundant in the small wilderness landscapes that inspire me”. At the beginning, London born and based Romilly Saumarez Smith was fascinated by book-binding, then, almost by accident, she discovered “the power and beauty of metal” and swapped book-binding for jewellery making. As her hands don’t work anymore, she works through her “translators”, assistants that translate her vision into beautiful objects. Beautiful, but that might not be perfect, because “it must feel absolutely right which is hard to describe but is dependent on the eye of the maker”.

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  • ©Romilly Saumarez
  • ©Romilly Saumarez
  • ©Romilly Saumarez
  • ©Romilly Saumarez
  • ©Romilly Saumarez
Photo: ©Romilly Saumarez
Crowned Summer Ammonite

This striking piece is a genuine iridescent ammonite adorned with white and yellow gold and diamonds.

Height 5 cm
Width 4 cm

Photo: ©Romilly Saumarez
Ancient Coral Tree

This sculptural piece imagined by Romilly Saumarez Smith is made from genuine fossilized corals. The sculpture represents the effects of climate change on trees.

Height 38 cm
Width 33 cm

Photo: ©Romilly Saumarez
Paper Knife

Paper knife made of silver and a 19th century carved bone.

Height 21 cm
Width 2 cm

Photo: ©Romilly Saumarez
The Beginning of Spring

The handcrafted brooch is made of oxidized silver, rubies and crystal. The original piece represents plants growing through the soil early in the year.

Height 1.2 cm
Width 4.5 cm

Photo: ©Romilly Saumarez

This unique viking cloak pin is made of gold, silver and bronze. Romilly Saumarez Smith is inspired by remote and abundant wild landscapes.

Height 25 cm
Width 2 cm

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