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© Roberto Intorre
© Roberto Intorre
© Roberto Intorre
© Roberto Intorre
© Roberto Intorre

Roberto Intorre

Roberto Intorre Goldsmith
Italian, Portuguese
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 -14:00/16:00 - 20:00
+39 3381928609
© Roberto Intorre

The goldsmith architect

  • • Roberto sees jewellery as a gateway to our inner dimension
  • • He defines himself as “architect and dreamer”
  • • His creations are made of lava, coral and silver

Roberto Intorre’s father was a building contractor, so it was natural to him to study architecture and city planning. But, before graduating, he had a revelation. He was with some friends at a party, when he saw a girl wearing a particular jewel around her neck. The next day, he tried to reproduce the same object with iron wire and forceps. In that moment, he decided to become a goldsmith. So, in 1992, he created a small workshop in his house. After graduation, he won three scholarships in Portugal, where he stayed for five years, studying and working. It was in 2000 that he came back to Italy and opened a workshop in Palermo. Here, he creates a series of beautiful jewellery made of lava, coral and silver that tell the story and the culture of his Island, Sicily. His collection "Gocce di magma” was recently chosen by the British Museum to represent the Sicilian identity.

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  • © Roberto Intorre
  • © Roberto Intorre
  • © Roberto Intorre
  • © Roberto Intorre
  • © Roberto Intorre
Photo: © Roberto Intorre

Made of burnished and polished silver, this bracelet consists of a clasp in the shape of a spider, whose body is divided from the head by a small spring. For making the head, Roberto used the net technique, while the body has incorporated raw handmade coral. The coral pearls are disposed on four silver threads. The material used for this bracelet is silver 925/000 and corallium rubrum mediterraneum.

Length 20 cm

Photo: © Roberto Intorre
Ser-pesce bracelet

Made of bleached 925/000 silver, this bracelet made by Roberto consists of a clasp in the shape of a fish head that attaches to a stylized tail. Over the head there is a crown in laminated 18kt gold that contains 5 rubies. The bracelet is enriched with lapis lazuli.

Height 20 cm
Width 3 cm

Photo: © Roberto Intorre
Ippogrifo brooch

Made of burnished and polished silver, this brooch (which can also be used as a pendant) has overlays of copper and bronze layers. The body is worked partly with hammering technique and partly is engraved to form the plumage of the wings. A claw holds a pearl.

Height 4.3 cm
Width 3.5 cm

Photo: © Roberto Intorre
Costellazioni bracelet

This bracelet is made of burnished 925/000 silver and natural cultivated pearls. The bracelet has an oval shape. On its surface, small tubular cylinders contain the pearls. The arrangement of the gems represents the constellation of Leo.

Height 5.6 cm
Width 5 cm

Photo: © Roberto Intorre
Riti e reti necklace

This necklace is made of bleached silver. It is composed of a series of irregular, scalar shaped parts. The centre of the necklace has the wider part, and it becomes smaller when it gets near to the clasp.

Length 44 cm

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