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Robbie Mazzaro

Robbie Mazzaro Ceramicist
English, Italian, Spanish
By appointment only
+356 99301365
©Inigo Taylor

Capturing nature in ceramics

  • • Robbie’s ceramic creations have been exhibited globally
  • • Her first ever ceramic creation was a hanging plant pot
  • • In 2012, she rediscovered her ceramic-making passion

Robbie Mazzaro’s journey into craftsmanship is as interesting and varied as the ceramics she carefully shapes. Her love for the craft began from a very young age, when she would often visit a pottery studio with her father back in her hometown of Caracas. While working within the business and commercial sectors in Rome, her yearning for a more fulfilling, creative endeavour led her to take a course in basic ceramics, which re-ignited her passion for the craft. Following a masters degree, she decided to pursue ceramics full-time and attended numerous courses while picking up specific techniques such as bucchero, raku and metal effects in reductions. For Robbie, crafting ceramics is almost a meditative practice, one that allows her to express her artistic creativity to the fullest.

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  • ©Inigo Taylor
  • ©Inigo Taylor
  • ©Inigo Taylor
  • ©Danilo Arata
Photo: ©Inigo Taylor
Latent Emotions

Through these nine stoneware sculptures Robbie Mazzaro intended to show the power of blind touch and its capacity to spark and evoke memory stored perceptions. Robbie aims to show how emotions are unique and different for everybody, depending on personal background. They are a result of a personal introspection of different periods of her life.

Photo: ©Inigo Taylor
Sea Landscapes

This series of sculptures created from white paper clay in a liquid state are inspired by seascape imagery. Inspired by marine creatures and coral textures, different layers were applied on a round shape that Robbie Mazzaro used as a mould and textured differently. Inside they are glazed with a mix of different blue/green colours.

Photo: ©Inigo Taylor
Nut vases

These terracotta Nut vases are handbuilt by coiling red earthenware. Every piece is burnished with an agate stone when in a bone-dry state and covered with layers of terre decantate which Robbie Mazzaro produces. After the first firing, a white glaze is applied on the inside and on some lines. The finished touch is very smooth and looks like leather.

Height 12 cm

Photo: ©Danilo Arata
Con TE’

This raku ware sculptural teapot is part of the ARTÉ Tea Ware collection presented at the ‘Matres International Woman’s Ceramic Festival Experience 2020’. This teapot is handbuilt by coiling refractory clay and raku fired. The piece is placed in a bin with sawdust at 930°C, the smoke goes into the crackle glaze and unglazed part of the piece giving them the black colour and with the reduction the silver glazed details become metallic.

Height 20 cm
Width 23 cm

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