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©Riccardo Biavati
©Riccardo Biavati
©Antonello Stegani
©Riccardo Biavati

Riccardo Biavati

Riccardo Biavati Ceramicist
Monday to Saturday 9:30 - 12:00/15:30 -18:00
+39 3292112727
©Riccardo Biavati

Mystery and magic

  • • Riccardo's ceramic creations are poetic
  • • He skilfully blends clay and imagination
  • • In 2018 he received the honour of "MAM"

Riccardo Biavati and his wife Antonella run the Bottega delle Stelle workshop, which specialises in contemporary ceramics made using stoneware, modelled and painted by hand and fired at 1250 °C. Born in Ferrara in 1950, Biavati graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, after which he devoted himself to sculpture, favouring ceramic materials. From 1977 to 2007 he taught Pictorial Disciplines at the Dosso Dossi Art Institute in Ferrara, transferring his professional experience to teaching. At the beginning of the 1980s, his plastic research shifted to refractory clays and high temperatures and, later, to semi-refractory clays and stoneware, with soft colours and satin surfaces. In recent years, his chromatic research has focused in particular on crystalline glazes based on ash, of ancient oriental derivation, with almost monochromatic results.

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  • ©Riccardo Biavati
  • ©Riccardo Biavati
  • ©Riccardo Biavati
  • ©Riccardo Biavati
  • ©Riccardo Biavati
Photo: ©Riccardo Biavati

This stoneware sculpture, finished with engobe, oxides and ash-based crystalline was inspired by the figurines of ancient Mediterranean women. The female form symbolises the keeper of a casket, container of symbols that precede the invention of writing. It is a tribute to the ancestral female divinities, to the mystery of symbols and language.

Length 22 cm
weight 40 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: ©Riccardo Biavati
Memories of the stove

This stoneware sculpture is shaped in the form of a living stove. Smoke coming out of its human shaped chimney shows an observer, the house it has heated and the food it has cooked. This is a theme, taken from Riccardo Biavati’s childhood, where objects have a soul and tell us stories.

Height 60 cm
Diameter 20 cm

Photo: ©Riccardo Biavati
The staircase

This stoneware sculpture was inspired by the thought of an ancient village with a protective wall, where the inhabitants, by means of a long staircase have the possibility to reach the sky. Through the suggested flight of the inhabitants, Riccardo Biavati creates a fantastical image of freedom.

Height 45 cm
Diameter 21 cm

Photo: ©Riccardo Biavati
Cloud country

This stoneware sculpture depicts a living country, with its face towards the observer. A protected, safe place with its own personal cloud. One of the birds leaning against the cloud whistles. The houses, the sky, the birdsong are all one intertwining game.

Height 45 cm
Diameter 16 cm

Photo: ©Riccardo Biavati
Roots Princess

This stoneware sculptural bowl acts as a container of stories. An underground princess, depicted as a sleeping goddess, oversees and protects the growth of trees with their roots, leaves and branches.

Height 10 cm
Diameter 26 cm

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