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© Silbersalz
© Silbersalz
© Sophia Stoll
© Silbersalz
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Reinhold Stoll

  • Cabinetmaker
  • Monguelfo-Tesido, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Reinhold Stoll Cabinetmaker
Italian, English, German
By appointment only
+39 3405123788
© Silbersalz

Enchanted by wood

  • • Reinhold is a master woodworker and sophisticated designer
  • • He is uncompromising about construction
  • • He works to order as well as creating his own designs

'Spazio alle forme' says the welcome message on the website of Reinhold Stoll, a master woodworker running his family carpentry business in a small village very close to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Reinhold understands space (spazio) and form (forme) indeed, as much as he understands what working with wood means. He has spent his whole life practising and learning in Italy, Austria and Germany, always driven by his profound love for wood and for nature, becoming not just a skilled craftsman but also a knowledgable designer, enchanted by the exactness of shapes. There is nothing frivolous about his approach. “Before going further, you have to master the traditions and all the basic methods of working,” he says.

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  • © Silbersalz
  • © Jürgen Eheim
  • © Jürgen Eheim
  • © Jürgen Eheim
  • © Atelier Komar
Photo: © Silbersalz
Wall panel

This decorative wooden panel is shaped from two wooden beams, made from Douglas fir and plum wood, placed on top of one another to form a hollowed-out space seen through a small door in the centre. A sliding drawer with compartments is inserted in the cavity. The piece is a symbolic interpretation of the traditional wooden construction of a hay barn in Reinhold Stoll’s home country.

Length 200 cm
Width 19 cm
Height 39 cm

Photo: © Jürgen Eheim

The simplicity of this wooden table’s form creates a sense of simple clarity, reinforced by the strength of the tabletop, which is connected to the inclined legs by a small joint connection. The imposing tabletop renders the surrounding frame obsolete and becomes the supporting element. Three oval shells are carved into the top, and an oval, hollow hood is placed in each guide notch to cover the shells.

Length 240 cm
Width 24.8 cm
Height 86 cm

Photo: © Jürgen Eheim
The Cell

The design for this sculptural concrete stand comes from Reinhold Stoll’s interest in the enclosed space of cells and the atmosphere they convey. The object is executed in coloured concrete with a coarse grain, which was stamped into individual layers by hand. It consists of three blocks with two open joints held by a framework of eight continuous concrete iron bars, which also function as a stand. A small cell made of dark grey concrete with a smooth finish is embedded into the upper block.

Length 33 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 103 cm

Photo: © Jürgen Eheim

Space and movement form the basis of the design and manufacture of this solid elm wood bench. The handcrafted bench has been fitted with a discreet sliding door.

Length 226 cm
Width 46.5 cm
Height 43 cm

Photo: © Atelier Komar

This sculptural piece of furniture, built from cherry wood, features six drawers, one on top of each other yet slightly apart. The drawers are inserted into the frame and can be opened individually by sliding them sideways. The front frame gives balance in all directions.

Length 92 cm
Width 120 cm
Height 139 cm

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