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Racso Jugarap

  • Metal sculptor
  • Zoutleeuw, Belgium
  • Rising Star
Racso Jugarap Metal sculptor
By appointment only
+32 499199174
©Racso Jugarap

Drawing with wire

  • • Racso tells stories through wire sculptures
  • • He first tinkered with wire in his father’s workshop
  • • His creative process is also his meditation time

Racso Jugarap is a self-taught wire artist, he never received formal art training. But he did obtain valuable experience at an early age, playing as a child in his father’s jewellery workshop in his native city of General Santos, in the Philippines. “I was not allowed to touch the precious metals, so I experimented with leftovers of the metal wires used to bind the casting materials, lying on the floor,” he explains. “With those, I created wire trinkets that I gifted to my friends.” Racso has lived in several European countries, until he became a full-time artist in Belgium, where he now has his studio. His first works, wire sculptures in the shape of ostrich eggs, were a big success.

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  • ©Racso Jugarap
  • ©Racso Jugarap
  • ©Racso Jugarap
  • ©Racso Jugarap
  • ©Racso Jugarap
Photo: ©Racso Jugarap
Cubed Romela

Cubic-shaped grids made of wire form this sculpture's exterior, while the inner part boasts a torus shape, also made of wire. The design was created with meticulous attention to detail and the soldering was done entirely by hand. The finished product was coated with a matte black coating.

Photo: ©Racso Jugarap

These candle holders are unique wire sculptures in hand-curved metal designs. Their bold curve lines give them a drawing-like appearance, the matte black coating provides a sleek finish.

Photo: ©Racso Jugarap
Caged Romela

The base structure of this sculpture is formed by rectangular flat-shaped grids made of wire. The inner part is a floating torus, also made of wire. Both are formed and soldered by hand.

Photo: ©Racso Jugarap
It Will Come Back To You

This torus-shaped sculpture is made of metal wires in different sizes. Its intricate mesh-like appearance is achieved through the careful formation and hand weaving of metal wires. The matte black coating gives the sculpture a heavy appearance, but it is actually lightweight.

Photo: ©Racso Jugarap

This ovoid wire sculpture is part of a series made with wire trimmings collected over several years, and then carefully formed and soldered. The combination of straight and curved lines creates a patchwork effect, the matte black coating a modern feel.

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