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©Pierre Salagnac
©Pierre Salagnac
©Pierre Salagnac

Pierre Salagnac

  • Bronzesmith
  • Paris, France
  • Master Artisan
Pierre Salagnac Bronzesmith
By appointment only
+33 679595336
©Pierre Salagnac

Nature in bronze

  • • Pierre practises the art of bronze turning
  • • He previsiously worked at Maison Charles
  • • He likes to experiment with various materials

Pierre Salagnac is a bronzesmith, sculptor, and illustrator. He is one of the last remaining French craftsmen to practise the art of bronze turning. Graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris, his passion for metal particularly grew during the years he spent at Hervé van der Straeten, and the years spent working with master bronzesmith, Laurent Chenet. Taken under the master artisan’s wing, Pierre was able to learn thoroughly the three specific savoir-faire that compose the age-old craft: bronze mounting, bronze turning and chasing. Searching for the form hidden in the material, he graciously gives life to his bronze pieces. Amongst his masterpieces, the Bonsaï tree sculpture embodies Pierre’s virtuosity. Before sculpting, hand drawing illustration is where he takes his inspiration. Pierre's latest venture is his co-founding of The Craft Project, aimed at increasing visibility for craft and connecting craftspeople across France.

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  • ©Pierre Salagnac
  • ©Pierre Salagnac
  • ©Geronimo Studio
  • ©Pierre Salagnac
  • ©Pierre Salagnac
Photo: ©Pierre Salagnac

Following Homo Faber Event 2022, Pierre Salagnac was commissioned by Cartier to produce this sculpture for one of the Cartier boutiques in Paris. The trunk was carved and chiseled by hand, and the leaves are made of gold.

Photo: ©Pierre Salagnac
Twin Roviera

The shape of this metal bonsai sculpture duo is inspired from the material it is made of. Pierre Salagnac made these pieces using traditional bronze working techniques. The solid brass trunk was carved from a block of bronze and chiseled by hand. The foliage is made up of 130 hand-chiseled bronze leaves then finished in 18-carat gold. The artist's signature is on the bronze base.

Photo: ©Geronimo Studio
Bonsai Mayflore

Mayflore is a metal bonsai tree. This sculpture is the result of the struggle between craftsman and material . Pierre Salagnac made this piece using traditional bronze working techniques. The solid brass trunk was carved into the mass of metal and chiselled by hand. The foliage is made up of 500 hand chiselled bronze leaves then finished in 18-carat gold.

Length 75 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 90 cm

Photo: ©Pierre Salagnac
Bonsai Kossyflore

Bonsai Kossyflore is handmade from brass, bronze and ceramic. This piece is a tribute to a designer friend of Pierre Salagnac’s who died too soon: Kossy Aguessi. Pierre used his bronze-making skills to bring out the form that was sleeping in the material revealing the details of the sculpture through the patina and heat treatment. The soil is also carved in brass and gilded with fine gold.

Length 60 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 60 cm

Photo: ©Pierre Salagnac
Bonsai Gingko

Ginkgo bonsai is Pierre Salagnac’s attempt to germinate metal. Through this brass and bronze sculpture, Pierre works to understand and search for form hidden in matter thanks to his varied skills as a bronzesmith. The solid brass trunk was carved in the mass and chiselled by hand. The foliage is composed of 150 hand-chiselled bronze leaves then finished in 18-carat gold and the base is carved from solid brass and gilded with fine gold.

Length 35 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 40 cm

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