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©Petra Lindenbauer

Petra Lindenbauer

Petra Lindenbauer Ceramicist
German, English, Italian
By appointment only
+43 (0)6642464150
©Petra Lindenbauer

Learning to let go

  • • Petra follows an East Asian formal tradition
  • • She creates unique and small series of tableware
  • • She seeks to emphasis the qualities of the material

Growing up as the daughter of a wood and stone sculptor, manual creation has always been part of Petra Lindenbauer’s world. “After school, I did my homework in my father's studio. As soon as I was finished, I opened the chest where the clay was kept for making models. From this clay, which was often dirty and coarse, just like a sculptor needs, I made vessels and small reliefs, which my father then cast in plaster. "Soon, Petra developed a strong connection to material and consequently started her education at the Department for Ceramic Arts of the Ortwein School in Graz, followed by studies in the History of Arts and Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna. Under the guidance of a Japanese Master, Petra further refined her knowledge and developed an artistic expression that brings together Eastern Asian techniques with a Central European understanding of forms.

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  • ©Peter Garmusch
  • ©Iris Milisits
  • ©Iris Milisits
  • ©Iris Milisits
  • ©Konrad Limbeck
Photo: ©Peter Garmusch
Golden Bowl

Petra Lindenbauer created this stoneware bowl by pressing a clay slab in a plaster mould. The satin golden inner glaze of the bowl contrasts with the matt textured outer glaze. The first bowl of this kind was designed as an oyster dish for a restaurant in Vienna. Golden Bowl is part of the collection of MAK-Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Diameter 21 cm
Height 8 cm

Photo: ©Iris Milisits
Tableware Set

This tableware set is made from dark grey stoneware. All the pieces are wheel thrown and decorated with glazes that cover the surface like a painting. Subtle tones are primarily used for this collection. All glazes are food compatible and dishwasher safe.

Diameter 35 cm
Diameter 27 cm
Diameter 23 cm
Height 7.5 cm
Diameter 16 cm
Height 7 cm

Photo: ©Iris Milisits
Peony Tableware Set

Petra Lindenbauer used various pink hued and pure white glazes to decorate this set of hand thrown porcelain tableware. She loves to play with proportions and slight variations, expressing buoyant lightness, as well as tenderness through her creations. The modelled blossoms, taken from the shape of a spoon, demonstrate the beauty of porcelain and of nature.

Diameter 28.5 cm
Diameter 14 cm
Diameter 25 cm
Height 6.5 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Height 5 cm

Photo: ©Iris Milisits
Tableware Set

This tableware set is inspired by functional Japanese ceramics. The pieces are primarily wheel thrown, elaborated after creating the shape to obtain the final form. Petra Lindenbauer chose colours that evoked her memories of East Asia.

Length 32 cm
Width 11 cm
Diameter 20 cm
Diameter 18 cm
Height 9 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: ©Konrad Limbeck
Porcelain Set

This tableware set, consisting of a plate and bowl, is wheel thrown. The body and rim of both has been formed and elaborated during the throwing and drying process. The two pieces interact with one another to form a unit, so the plate can be used as an under-plate when using the bowl.

Diameter 30 cm
Height 5 cm
Diameter 24

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