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©Henk Veenstra Fotografie
©Henk Veenstra Fotografie
©Henk Veenstra Fotografie
©Henk Veenstra Fotografie
©Peter Jan Brouwer

Peter Jan Brouwer

  • Cabinetmaker
  • Groningen, Netherlands
  • Rising Star
Peter Jan Brouwer Cabinetmaker
Dutch, English, French, German
By appointment only
+31 640677253
©Henk Veenstra Fotografie

Future heirlooms

  • • Peter is inspired by ancient craftmanship
  • • He seeks to pass on his skills
  • • He studied History of Art

Peter Jan Brouwer’s furniture is crafted in homage to ancient woodworking traditions, the past being an integral point of reference for his bespoke pieces. For him a piece of furniture is well made when its “construction and design are durable and can last for at least one hundred years.” At six years old, Peter Jan was given a toolbox by his parents with real woodworking tools, which spurred him on to make things, such as his own bed and small boxes for his grandfather. Ignoring his father’s advice to pursue a woodworking career, he carved out his own path studying Art History at the University of Groningen, only to become so inspired by all the craftsmanship he saw during his studies that he ultimately ended up following his father’s advice, becoming a cabinetmaker after all.

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  • ©Henk Veenstra Fotografie
  • ©Peter Jan Brouwer
  • ©Peter Jan Brouwer
  • ©Peter Jan Brouwer
Photo: ©Henk Veenstra Fotografie
A Writer’s Chair

Chair made for Masterly the Hague 2021. Exhibited together with a painting by H. Koekkoek’s entitled 'Boats on a calm sea at a harbour'. The link between the chair and the painting is the technique used to bend the wood, steambending. The design of the chair is inspired by David Savage.

Width 50 cm
Height 150 cm
Diameter 50 cm

Photo: ©Peter Jan Brouwer
Oval dining table

A heavy oval dining table made from solid oak. The tabletop is supported by a trestle constructed with two rectangle frames, which allows people to sit at each side of the table comfortably. The rectangle frames are made with bridle joints which are still visible.

Length 200 cm
Width 90 cm
Height 75 cm

Photo: ©Peter Jan Brouwer
Conference table

Conference table made for an architect’s office in Groningen. A monumental and heavy table of almost three meters long and made from walnut. The table is composed from the wood of one tree. The trestle is constructed with ancient wood joints like the mortise and tenon.

Length 270 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 75 cm

Photo: ©Peter Jan Brouwer
Writer’s desk

A small writer’s desk made of walnut. It has a leather desktop with two drawers, which are joined with traditional hand cut dovetails. This desk is designed and made without the use of the metric system.

Width 150 cm
Height 75 cm

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