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©Mirei Takeuchi

Peter Bauhuis

Peter Bauhuis Goldsmith
German, English
By appointment only
+49 8954212495

An investigative approach

  • • Peter has always enjoyed making, inventing and investigating
  • • Researching and experimenting with metals is an essential part of his work
  • • He is showcased in exhibitions worldwide and has received numerous awards

Peter Bauhuis takes a thieving delight in breaking with craft traditions in his work, questioning our visual habits with subtle humour. With a family background of several generations of watch makers, the environment of a workshop has always been both familiar and important to the Munich-based jewellery maker and metal sculptor. “Following an apprenticeship as a jeweller at the Hanau Zeichenakademie was a very good training to optimise my technical skills. But it took the further step of studying at the Munich Art Academy to get where I wanted to go,” he explains. Today his work includes jewellery, equipment, objects, installations, films and several books. By linking and interconnecting different approaches, he arrives at a multi-layered body of work that expresses his artistic curiosity.

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  • ©Peter Bauhuis
  • ©Peter Bauhuis
  • ©Peter Bauhuis
  • ©Peter Bauhuis
  • ©Peter Bauhuis
Photo: ©Peter Bauhuis
Seria 2020

These three hand cast vessels are each crafted from a combination of metals, silver and brass, sterling silver and fine silver, copper and silver, using the lost wax technique of metal casting. Different coloured variations are created according to the oxidations of the applied alloys. The fusing metals create an impressive play of colours as they only partly mix.

Height 16 cm
Diameter 9.5 cm

Photo: ©Peter Bauhuis

This gold ring is handcrafted using the lost wax technique of metal casting. The voluptuous hollow double shape seems to be sewn on the ring. The matt surface shows traces of the casting process. Small defects of the procedure form a sensitive surface creating a unique and unrepeatable patina.

Length 3.5 cm
Width 2 cm
Height 4.5 cm

Photo: ©Peter Bauhuis

These three sculptural objects are hand cast in bronze. Although their title, Handles, points to the most prominent part, the heavy roundish objects invite you to take them with both hands. It could be the beginning of a ritual.

Length 18 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: ©Peter Bauhuis
Corinthian Bronze - Nordic Gold

Peter Bauhuis bridges these two cast metal vessels, two separate alloys, through their peculiar stories. They both have to do with the sense of touch. Nordic Gold was developed to be the alloy for the euro cent coins. It is categorised by its strong resistance and is non-allergenic properties. Corinthian bronze was loved by the Romans, contains 1% gold and can be patinated to be black. The latter patina is constantly improved by touching the piece.

Height 18.5 cm
Diameter 10.5 cm

Photo: ©Peter Bauhuis

This metal vessel, a roundish double shape design, is hand cast from brass and silver 800. In the casting process alloys of different colours, yellow bronze and black oxidising silver, are simultaneously poured into the mould. They only partially mix. The dynamics of the process is frozen at the moment of solidification.

Length 12 cm
Width 9.5 cm
Height 8 cm

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