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©Ellinor Hall
©Per Norén
©Per Norén
©Ellinor Hall
©Ellinor Hall

Per Norén

Per Norén Woodcarver
Swedish, English
By appointment only
+46 (0)724410281
©Ellinor Hall

The art of whittling

  • • Per is a self taught craftsman
  • • He creates magic with his knife
  • • He makes shrink pots and wooden spoons

Per Norén is the woodcarver that rediscovered the process of whittling only three years ago. Having not used a carving knife since childhood, he found himself at the right time and in the right place to start again. Living in the rural parts of Hälsingland, Sweden, he found his material just around the corner. He frequently visits the forests, looking for the perfect pieces of wood, preferably in birch and alder. The craft came to him as a way of speaking in other words he says, “my aim is to communicate a different set of emotions, and to be able to carve is an important outlet to me”. He is self taught, he has spent a lot of time watching video tutorials. With his Instagram account, he has become rather famous, not only for the marvellous pieces of work he is creates, mostly wooden spoons and shrink pots, but also for the landscape, music and material which feature in his process.

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  • ©Per Norén
  • ©Per Norén
  • ©Per Norén
  • ©Per Norén
  • ©Per Norén
Photo: ©Per Norén

Per tried to give each of these pots their own texture and personality. They were patiently hand carved and conceived to be displayed together in a harmonious setting.

Height 14 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 10 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 12 cm
Width 7 cm

Photo: ©Per Norén
Cooker Spoon

Cooker Spoon is the result of the combination of a humble piece of wood, a knife, an axe, a spoon knife and patience. For Per, the true beauty lies in the process.

Length 20 cm

Photo: ©Per Norén
Coffee Scoop

This Coffee Scoop was hand carved from birch bark. Per created tiny pearls to each extremity to bring elegance to the precious object.

Length 11 cm

Photo: ©Per Norén
Large Shrinkpot

This pot forms part of a larger series of pots hand carved from birch bark with their own texture and personality.

Length 16 cm

Photo: ©Per Norén

This alder spoon was very finely adorned with precise chip carvings, complementing the smoothness of the head’s texture.

Length 14 cm

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