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©Marge Teder
©Marge Teder
©Marge Teder
©Marge Teder
©Marge Teder

Peeter Reemann

  • Rõuge Sepp
  • Blacksmith
  • Tilgu, Estonia
  • Master Artisan
Peeter Reemann Blacksmith
Estonian, English, Russian
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:30
+372 5165626
©Marge Teder

Explores how far steel can bend

  • • Peeter creates age old tools for modern builders
  • • He has a passion for traditional handmade axes
  • • He is a visiting teacher at the University of Tartu

Peeter Reemann proudly carries out one of the oldest professions in the world and upholds hundreds – if not thousands – of years of old smithing techniques in his forge, which he transformed from an old stable next to his home. Peeter is known worldwide for creating tools for log house builders, especially axes. He forge welds blades for beautiful hand axes. He has learned and adapted his traditional training after visiting other countries such as Austria, France, Hungary and Norway, under different master's guidance – one of the most influential masters was Halle Groeling. But the person who opened the world of tools for Peeter was a Norwegian log house expert called George Fuller.

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  • ©Marge Teder
  • ©Marge Teder
  • ©Marge Teder
  • ©Marge Teder
Photo: ©Marge Teder
Door hinge

The sculptural hinges of this round door are hand forged from steel. The hinges of the door are evocative of Celtic designs or the fantastic illustrations from JRR Tolkien's world.

Diameter 130 cm

Photo: ©Marge Teder
American felling axe

The head and bit of this axe are hand forged from a combination of steel and cutting edge K460. The axe is handcrafted following a traditional axe design from the US.

Height 19 cm
Width 13 cm

Photo: ©Marge Teder

This Damascus steel Viking axe is a historical replica of axes made around the 7th to 9th centuries in the Baltic lands. The head and bit of this axe are hand forged from a combination of Damascus steel and cutting edge K460.

Height 19 cm
Width 12 cm

Photo: ©Marge Teder
Blacksmith's heartbeat

The blade of this knife for outdoor activities is hand forged from seven layers of cutting blade K510. The handle is made of ash tree and elk horn.

Length 30 cm

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