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© Mónica Bertolucci
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© Mónica Bertolucci

Paula Tapia

  • Tierra Cerámicas
  • Ceramicist
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Paula Tapia Ceramicist
Spanish, English
By appointment only
+34 680676574
© Mónica Bertolucci

Unexpected pieces

  • • Paula is Argentinean but lives and works in Spain
  • • She loves Barcelona for its cultural diversity
  • • She draws inspiration from the beauty of rocks and geological formations

With a degree in art and design from a high school in San Juan, Argentina, Paula Tapia studied geology in her country until she decided to dedicate herself to ceramics. In search of training, she left her university studies and travelled to England, Spain and Denmark, contacting master artisans such as Martin Loew, Corrie Bain and Eric Landon. She learned from them and shared their kilns until she forged her own style of work. In 2017, back in her hometown, she opened her first atelier. But after a restless year, she emigrated to Barcelona, where she set up Tierra Cerámicas, a studio, boutique and school that she now runs with her partner, Jose Luis Baigorri. There, she produces functional and decorative ceramics and trains future ceramicists. “My aim is that everyone can connect with my objects and make them their own” says the craftswoman, for whom each one of her pieces, like a new journey, is an unpredictable adventure.

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  • © Mónica Bertolucci
  • © Mónica Bertolucci
  • © Mónica Bertolucci
  • © Mónica Bertolucci
  • © Sofia Chopitea
Photo: © Mónica Bertolucci
Desert Rose vases

These hand modelled vases were made using slab and sculpture techniques. With geometric features and layers intertwined in different directions, these pieces are inspired by the sedimentary rock "Desert Rose", which is formed in deserts. They have been created in the form of a flower.

Height 26 cm
Diameter 7 cm

Photo: © Mónica Bertolucci
Rocky vase

This vase was modelled by hand using the clay coils technique. The ceramicist tries to create a piece with curves and edges in which its geometry can be appreciated, despite the irregular texture of the chamotte clay.

Height 20 cm
Diameter 7 cm

Photo: © Mónica Bertolucci
Volcanic Basalt vases

Modelled by hand, these vases use the slab and sculpture techniques. They are inspired by the geological formation of basalt columns, which occur when lava cools and solidifies.

Height 23 cm
Diameter 11 cm

Photo: © Mónica Bertolucci
Cleopatra vase

This vase was made on the potter's wheel, with hand painted designs that show how significant make up was for the ancient Egyptians. They used to make it with lead and oxides to darken their eyes and face.

Height 18.5 cm
Diameter 9 cm

Photo: © Sofia Chopitea
Heart of mud

This is a decorative heart made of brown clay to hang on the wall. It has been made with sculpting and casting techniques, respecting the real anatomy of the human organ. The ceramicist makes unique pieces like this one, with a wide variety of clay and colours.

Length 12 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 5.5 cm

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