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©Paula Ojea
©Andrés Fraga Pérez
©Andrés Fraga Pérez
©Andrés Fraga Pérez
©Andrés Fraga Pérez

Paula Ojea

  • Ceramicist
  • Vigo, Spain
  • Rising Star
Paula Ojea Ceramicist
Spanish, English, French
By appointment only
+34 629784374
©Andrés Fraga Pérez

An engineering approach

  • • Paula originally trained as a civil engineer
  • • She learned the craft from Emilia Guimeráns and Miguel Vázquez
  • • Her pieces reflect her skills for abstraction and spatial vision

After graduating as a civil engineer from the University of A Coruña, completing a master's degree in Transport and Sustainable Development at Imperial College London and working for seven years designing engineering structures, Paula decided to devote herself entirely to ceramics. "I realised that this craft allowed me to express myself by applying my knowledge as an engineer and bringing a new perspective to it". In 2015 she moved to Vigo in Galicia and set up Ojea Studio, where she creates ceramics that play with the viewer's point of view and combine precision and irregularity, accuracy and imperfection. She draws inspiration from the coastal environment, shipyards, port cranes and the fishing activities of the Rías Baixas, the region where she lives, and from engineering and architectural works such as skyscrapers, bridges and metal structures.

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  • ©Andrés Fraga Pérez
  • ©Paula Ojea
  • ©Paula Ojea
  • ©Paula Ojea
Photo: ©Andrés Fraga Pérez
Impossible vases in porcelain

These two vases, made with tinted porcelain to obtain rose quartz and serenity blue colours, are part of Paula Ojea’s Cut & Fold collection. The pieces in this collection play with the observer. Depending on the point of view, they tilt towards different directions. These vases are characterised by their thin walls, the sharp edges and the contrast between the glossy glaze inside with the matt finish of the outside.

Length 8 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 19 cm

Photo: ©Paula Ojea

This set of three stoneware vessels, of three different scales, with the same geometry are part of Paula Ojea’s Cut & Fold collection. The geometry plays with the observer. Depending on the point of view, they tilt towards different directions. Each piece is formed by seven equilateral triangles and six isosceles triangles joined using the ceramic technique called slab building.

Length 18 cm
Width 18 cm
Height 42 cm

Photo: ©Paula Ojea
Combinations with Repetition

This set of five pieces are part of Paula Ojea’s Cut & Fold collection. Their title, Combinations with Repetition, comes from the different geometries (octahedrons) joined in all possible combinations to form the 5 pieces of the set. They have a deep blue glaze all over, with varying textures that remind us of the ocean.

Length 12 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 28 cm

Photo: ©Paula Ojea
Geometrical table set

This is a limited edition of 50 porcelain table sets designed and made for Boffi Studio Coruña. The table set comprises of three different designs, each with a defining geometry: a Heptagon (main plate), a hexagon (side plate) and a pentagon (bowl). They are slip cast in plaster moulds made from slab built stoneware pieces.

Height 2.5 cm
Diameter 25 cm

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