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©Olha Pilyuhina
©Olha Pilyuhina
©Olha Pilyuhina
©Olha Pilyuhina

Olha Pilyuhina

  • Tapestry maker
  • Reshetylivka, Ukraine
  • Master Artisan
Olha Pilyuhina Tapestry maker
Ukrainian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+380 977086199
©Olha Pilyuhina

Symbolism woven into exquisite tapestry

  • • Olha works in the traditional technique of double-sided smooth hand carpet weaving
  • • Her objects feature traditional Ukrainian themes
  • • Olha started professionally weaving at the age of 11

The abundance of colours and motives dominate the rich world of Olha Pilyuhina’s tapestry. A fierce promoter of traditional craft, she creates her woven oeuvres with passion for the centuries-old techniques and love for the surrounding world. Coming from a family of artisans, Olha is one of the brightest representatives of a characteristic Ukrainian tapestry craft of the city of Reshetylivka, in the Poltava region. Olha has created more than 100 tapestries across her 25 years of being in the craft. Her objects vary in size and form, always surprising with the diversity of colour palettes and ornaments. Behind every piece lies a huge amount of work, from the preparatory sketches, working out the composition and eventually the hand weaving. Olha is proud to continue the rich Ukrainian tapestry canon, interpreting it for the current times and influencing new generations of artisans.

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  • ©Olha Pilyuhina
  • ©Olha Pilyuhina
  • ©Olha Pilyuhina
  • ©Olha Pilyuhina
  • ©Olha Pilyuhina
Photo: ©Olha Pilyuhina

This handmade tapestry, created in the technique of double-sided smooth hand weaving. Woven from natural wool yarn on a cotton base. In the centre of the composition is a decorative symbolic tree. On either side of it are two large birds flying towards it. The main colours – close to natural shades – are blue, green, brown, burgundy and terracotta.

Height 89 cm
Width 214 cm

Photo: ©Olha Pilyuhina

This tapestry has a rectangular shape and is made from natural woollen yarn. It depicts a decorative symbolic tree with red fruits. There are two large birds standing, staring at each other, leaning towards the tree. The main colours are close to natural shades, blue, grey, brown, terracotta and ochre. The object uses the Ukrainian traditional motives of the “Tree of Life”.

Height 83 cm
Width 120 cm

Photo: ©Olha Pilyuhina
Apple orchard

This handmade tapestry in the double-sided smooth hand carpet weaving technique shows an apple orchard. The trees are depicted with round fruits and sunlight coming through the branches. The sky over the trees is turquoise with pink and yellow, with peach below.

Height 57 cm
Width 112 cm

Photo: ©Olha Pilyuhina
Golden dew

A flat woven panel, rectangular in shape, is arranged vertically, for display on the wall or in space. Decorated on top with a wooden bar wrapped in threads in the tone of the tapestry. Autumn leaves are depicted using colours such as red, terracotta, burgundy, green or ochre.

Height 81 cm
Width 75 cm

Photo: ©Olha Pilyuhina
Day and Night

This diptych comprises two handmade tapestries created in the technique of double-sided smooth hand weaving. It is woven from natural wool yarn on a cotton base. Trees with flowers and birds are depicted on both parts of the diptych. The "Night" part depicts the moon and stars. It is made in cold colours, predominantly – blue, cyan, pink, green. The "Day" part depicts the sun, dragonflies and a butterfly.

Height 202 cm
Width 84 cm

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