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© Marina Zibarova
© Marina Zibarova
© Marina Zibarova
© Marina Zibarova
© Marina Zibarova

Olga Oblezina

Olga Oblezina Jewellery maker
Russian, English
By appointment only
+7 9114676233
© Marina Zibarova

An inventive approach

  • • Olga melts stained glass with copper
  • • She collects souvenirs to use in her designs
  • • Her jewellery pieces are inspired by nature

Olga Oblezina studied Applied and Decorative Arts and then specialised in Jewellery and Metal Arts at Togliatti State University. She enrolled in the course in 2005 and it was the beginning of her path to becoming a jewellery maker. She proved to be an innovator, creating unique methods to combine materials. Her first job was carving wax figurines and parts for bigger works. At some point she moved to Kaliningrad and in 2017 she opened her own studio. Olga is a prize winner of numerous jewellery awards in Russia. She makes conceptual pieces for exhibitions and bespoke commissions for clients too. “I know I’ve created something of good quality when my clients find pieces that speak to them, they feel connected,” she says.

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  • © Marina Zibarova
  • © Marina Zibarova
  • © Marina Zibarova
  • © Marina Zibarova
  • © Marina Zibarova
Photo: © Marina Zibarova
Forms of blossom

This brooch is made from a combination of coloured glass, copper and steel. The design of the brooch was inspired by classical forms and jewellery of the Baroque period.

Length 7.5
Width 5.5
Height 1

Photo: © Marina Zibarova
Bird Studio 2017

These matching brooches are made up of two fantastic twigs on which ceramic birds sit. The design was born from observing a similar scene in nature. The multi-coloured stones beads highlight the brooch’s composition.

Length 8.5 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 1.5 cm

Photo: © Marina Zibarova
At dawn 2016

The design for this brooch comes from the thought that every flower is grey in the dark and only sunlight make it flourish and shine as the light dissipates the darkness and gives life. The brooch combines semi-precious stones, silver and pearls.

Length 10.5 cm
Width 4.5 cm
Height 1 cm

Photo: © Marina Zibarova
Shadow 2020

These triangular shaped brooches are made from recuperated antique crystal pieces. The shimmering leaves with pearls in white and grey colours highlight the crystal shine.

Length 9.5 cm
Width 5 cm
Height 1 cm

Photo: © Marina Zibarova

The idea behind this series of earrings was born from a combination of brooches on a blouse. The earrings are made from coloured glass, copper and steel. Olga thought it would be agreeable for the owner to choose a different flower depending on their outfit, mood or even weather.

Length 4.5 cm
Width 3 cm
Height 1 cm

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