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© Nolvenn Le Goff
© Vineta Sayer
© Nolvenn Le Goff
© Vineta Sayer
© Vineta Sayer

Nolvenn Le Goff

  • Paper sculptor
  • Payzac, France
  • Rising Star
Nolvenn Le Goff Paper sculptor
French, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+33 766887524
© Vineta Sayer

The intricate world of paper sculpting

  • • Nolvenn grew up in Mexico before coming to Europe
  • • She has been fascinated by paper since childhood
  • • Her pieces can take up to 200 hours to make

Although Nolvenn Le Goff started her work as a paper sculptor in 2010, the French-Mexican artist’s love of paper goes back to her childhood and has only increased ever since. After founding Talent Lab in 2014, a gallery and studio space in Barcelona, the craftswoman decided to embrace a new challenge in 2020 by moving to Payzac, France, where she set up her studio at La Maison des Artistes. She is passionate about a craft that is highly demanding in time and patience; to achieve such a level of precision requires a strong vision, meticulous hands and talent. Aspiring to show that another way of living is possible, she aims to inspire positive change through her art, which she believes can touch the soul.

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  • © Nolvenn Le Goff
  • © Nolvenn Le Goff
  • © Nolvenn Le Goff
  • © Nolvenn Le Goff
  • © Nolvenn Le Goff
Photo: © Nolvenn Le Goff
Palacio de Bellas Artes

The impressive opera house of Mexico City is the subject of this sculpture, which is created entirely from white paper, cut, embossed, folded and glued. Created to be exhibited at the Mexican Consulate in Barcelona, this wall hanging is part of a series with which Nolvenn Le Goff wants to make us think about the relationship between cities and nature and the dangers that await us if we do not regain an environmental balance.

Length 100 cm
Width 70
Height 15

Photo: © Nolvenn Le Goff

This sculpture, made entirely of white paper, is part of the Cities of Paper series. Inspired by the many cellars in the city of Porto, this piece uses the technique of high relief to create the sensation of depth and perspective. Some 27 buildings are represented in only 10cm thick paper. Nolvenn Le Goff plays with light, which has an essential role in highlighting the myriad details in this piece.

Length 75 cm
Width 55
Height 10

Photo: © Nolvenn Le Goff

This paper wing by Nolvenn Le Goff is part of the Bruissements series, small wings presented in various forms: framed, in welded glass boxes and, in this case, under a glass bell. Despegue represents the moment when dreams come true, the moment of take-off. Each feather is cut by hand, then embossed to make it look as real as possible.

Height 40 cm
Width 25

Photo: © Nolvenn Le Goff

This white and grey paper piece is the first prototype for Nolvenn Le Goff's new project, Le Serpent, Les Plumes et le Cosmos. The final work will be a 2m wide hanging sculpture. Each element of the mask is inspired by pre-Hispanic symbols. Different papers with different textures were cut, folded, embossed and glued together to create this piece.

Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Nolvenn Le Goff

Light plays an essential role in this geometric mandala sculpture. Its personality evolves according to the lighting; from the drama of the sharp forms to the softness of the white colour when the pyramids take on a resplendent appearance. Uni-Verse is part of Nolvenn Le Goff's project Ensembles Harmonieux, which, through geometric forms, invites us to rediscover harmony both inside and outside ourselves.

Length 125 cm
Width 110
Height 18

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