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Niklas Wesner

  • Illustrator
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Rising Star
Niklas Wesner Illustrator
German, English
By appointment only
+49 15771466405
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Expressing emotions in paper

  • • Niklas is inspired by Asian art, especially the Japanese u-kiyo-e artist Hokusai
  • • His pictures show great detail, and also appear very clear
  • • He challenges himself by drawing new subject matters

Niklas Wesner lives in Hamburg and studied illustration for his bachelor's and master's degrees at the HAW in Hamburg. Drawing has always been a passion for him but he also considered working as an author, filmmaker, or graphic designer. By composing his own images as an illustrator, he can accomplish all of these professions. His pictures portray emotions and tell stories. "To create images that evoke a sense of a longer period of time is particularly intriguing to me, such as the feelings associated with a special day or event," Niklas says. A popular technique he uses is to create surreal spaces that combine or superimpose different impressions. This approach also allows him to effectively express texts and concepts. The style of his drawings is influenced by Japanese art in particular by the Japanese woodcut artist Hokusai. His clear lines allow him to incorporate a variety of detail-oriented information into one picture without causing the composition to seem disjointed.

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Organic plastic

This digital illustration, created using black lines and bright colours, depicts a black chemistry flask with a yellow flower in it. The flower transforms into a yellow mass that becomes yellow plastic bottles.

Height 30.5 cm
Width 21 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Got Lost Somewhere

This digital illustration depicts a yellow boy sitting in the middle of a carousel that could also be a cage, made of girls riding horses. The light green background composes of two plants.

Height 36 cm
Width 30 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved

This colourful digital illustration portrays a woman holding a circular mirror in front of her face. She has butterflies on her head and the background is made up of a yellow sky dotted with purple clouds.

Height 27.19 cm
Width 20.88 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Where does the cat go?

In the middle of the digital illustration is an orange band patterned with three cats, one of which is half way through a portal. Behind them is the face of a woman with red lipstick and leopard print sunglasses. She is smoking a cigarette. The background is mint green.

Height 18 cm
Width 15 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Wake Up!

A colourful image filled with different things and creatures. In the centre there is a woman in a water tub with angel wings, from the ceiling hangs an alligator with a monkey on it eating a burger. In the background there is a window, through which one can see a yellow sky, spiraling clouds and a smiling hot air balloon.

Height 29.22 cm
Width 42 cm

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