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©Eric Doublet
©Eric Doublet
©Nicolas Salagnac
©Matthieu Cellard
©Nicolas Salagnac

Nicolas Salagnac

  • Medal and coin maker
  • Lyon, France
  • Master Artisan
Nicolas Salagnac Medal and coin maker
French, English
By appointment only
+33 950326245
©Eric Doublet

The medal maker

  • • Nicolas proudly represents his art
  • • Being a medallist is rare today
  • • He values collaboration between craftspeople

Growing up in an artistic family, it is no surprise that Nicolas Salagnac, like his three siblings, is today a recognised craftsman. Awarded the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" in 2000 with his model engraving, he specialises in making coins and medals. Chosen for projects such as making the medals for the Senators of the French Republic in 2017, as well as the official medal of the former President of the French Republic, Salagnac is highly passionate about keeping the spirit of craftwork thriving, notably through teaching. He is inspired by other artisans and their work, and wants to unite people to combine skills, techniques and talent.

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  • ©Michel Joly
  • ©Nicolas Salagnac
  • ©Nicolas Salagnac
  • ©Nicolas Salagnac
  • ©Nicolas Salagnac
Photo: ©Michel Joly
Hijacking of barrels

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Giraud Family, owners of Château de Pommard, members of the Grands Ateliers de France took on the challenge of "hijacking a barrel of Pommard". Salagnac added to the barrel a composite material engraved, sculpted and painted in red with the Château's coat of arms to make it look like a seal of wax. The 50kg structure was then auctioned at the Hospices de Beaune by Master Kohn.

Height 90 cm
Diameter 60 cm

Photo: ©Nicolas Salagnac
Les 100 Ans des As de La Chasse

Creation and engraving of a medal for the "100 ans des As de la chasse". With Georges Guynemer, his Spad and today's Rafales, 100 years of aviation history are represented here on this coin that is only 8cm in diameter. The medals are made of Florentine bronze. The first one was given to General Latana, and all French astronauts receive one.

Diameter 8 cm

Photo: ©Nicolas Salagnac
Senators’ medal 2017

Salagnac was selected through a competition to create and engrave the Senators’ medal, in 2017. This medal of 5 cm in diametre, made of solid silver and bronze, represents Marianne, the personification of France, standing in a dynamic and dance-like position. Behind her, we can see the French motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” engraved in a most meticulous way.

Diameter 5 cm

Photo: ©Nicolas Salagnac
Detail from The Kidnapping of Proserpine

A work based on aLe Bernin's sculpture “The Kidnapping of Proserpine”, this creation has a diametre of only 4,5 cm and is made of patinated bronze through the lost wax casting method. The detail is transmitted with the bas-relief techniques and translates the emotion and sensuality of the the theme.

Diameter 4.5 cm

Photo: ©Nicolas Salagnac
Trophy for the chefs of the French Republic

This trophy was created on the request of Guillaume Gomez, head chef at the Palais de l’Elysée, with the aim of promoting French cuisine in France and abroad. An assembly of sculpted bronzes (foundry bronze and gilded bronze), worked brass and glass, this 45cm trophy represents the French art of cooking through the detail of cutlery and with the National Emblem of France represented.

Height 45 cm
Width 25 cm

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