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Branko Starcevic © Michelangelo Foundation
Branko Starcevic © Michelangelo Foundation
Branko Starcevic © Michelangelo Foundation
Branko Starcevic © Michelangelo Foundation
© Bojan Dzodan

Nenad Stojaković

  • Studio Manufactura
  • Jewellery maker
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Master Artisan
Nenad Stojaković Jewellery maker
Serbian, English, Italian
By appointment only
+381 631869711
Branko Starcevic © Michelangelo Foundation

Molecular jewellery

  • • Nenad approaches jewellery with a scientific mind
  • • He has made filigree exciting
  • • He creates wearable sculptures

The story of the jeweller Nenad Stojaković is not a usual one. A creator from a very early age, he embarked on scientific studies in molecular biology. Enchanted with nuclear shapes, micro animals, and atomic bonds, he wanted to transfer them into his passion: jewellery making. Eventually, the hobby prevailed and Nenad got a scholarship for Accademia Riaci in Florence to study jewellery design. In 2010, he opened his own workshop and started to develop his unique design. Inspired by molecular formations, but also by the monumental memorial heritage of Yugoslavia, Nenad treats his rings as wearable sculptures. He continues to explore the craft and discover new and old techniques as he continues to meditate on his creative visions expressed in minuscule 3D garments.

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  • © Bojan Dzodan
  • © Bojan Dzodan
  • © Bojan Dzodan
  • © Marko Petrovic
  • © Marko Petrovic
Photo: © Bojan Dzodan
Cross sculpture

On top of the semi-spherical base, are four rectangular blocks. The base and blocks are made of oak wood varnished in a reddish hue. There are four small silver filigree spheres connecting the wooden blocks with each other. The empty space in between spheres and blocks forms a cross.

Length 10 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 23 cm

Photo: © Bojan Dzodan
Hanging gardens ring

Laminar construction is made of four rectangular plates in different sizes and one column. Three parallel plates contrast one horizontal plate and the column. All plates have filigree elements, while the top one is embellished by loose filigree in four layers. The column connects the bottom and top plates, the upper one being adorned by green brilliant-cut tourmaline. This ring is made by using silversmithing, filigree and stone setting technique.

Length 1.8 cm
Width 3.2 cm
Height 3.1 cm

Photo: © Bojan Dzodan
Soul mates ring

This elongated heart-shaped ring made a rough and polished part facing each other. The rough part is patinated, with texture and it has cubical elements. The polished part is smooth and elegant with fine filigree facing the rough part. This ring is made by using silversmithing and filigree techniques.

Length 2 cm
Width 3 cm
Height 4.6 cm

Photo: © Marko Petrovic
Tetrapod ring

This complex ring is made of three sections. Thin curvy legs connect a rectangular base with a big polished sphere on top, made of one big cabochon peridot, resembling an eye. This ring is made by using silversmithing and stone-setting techniques.

Length 2.3 cm
Width 2.4 cm
Height 4.2 cm

Photo: © Marko Petrovic
Anatomy lessons ring

'Anatomy lessons' is a hollow spindle-shaped silver ring. The inside of the ring is filled with a copper wire, differently shaped silver parts and a Murano glass half-sphere. All those parts represent human organs, tissues, muscles and bones. This ring is made by using classical silversmithing technique.

Length 1.3 cm
Width 6.8 cm
Height 3.1 cm

Enjoy an experience with Nenad Stojaković

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