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©Nathalie Lautenbacher
©All rights reserved
©All rights reserved
Annabelle Antas

Nathalie Frédérique Lautenbacher

  • Ceramicist
  • Espoo, Finland
  • Master Artisan
Nathalie Frédérique Lautenbacher Ceramicist
Finnish, English, French, Swedish
Tuesday to Friday 12:00 - 18:00, Saturday 11:00 - 16:00
+358 503844695
©Naoto Niidome

Let the clay guide me

  • • Nathalie finds inspiration everywhere in Helsinki
  • • She is a lecturer in ceramics
  • • She believes in an intuitive process in which the material leads the way

When asked if her craft is in danger of dying out, Nathalie Frédérique Lautenbacher has a quick answer: “Ceramics have been produced for more than 10,000 years. It still keeps intriguing and fascinating people!” After considering a career in graphic design and then fine arts, she shelved both ideas in favour of ceramics where the intensity of working with bare hands appealed to her. That attraction led to a MA degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki where she’s now a lecturer in ceramics. Finding inspiration from “everywhere” she names slip casting, plaster model, mould making and hand coiling as her most favoured and special skills.

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  • ©Nathalie Lautenbacher
  • ©Rauno Traskelin
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©All rights reserved
Photo: ©Nathalie Lautenbacher
Grey urn

This stoneware sculpture, Grey urn, or Harmaa Uurna, is part of Nathalie Lautenbacher’s Grey Moment series. The ceramic container is built to preserve and cherish important memories of precious moments and people. It is a round shaped, grey urn with a tiny lid made of pressed and coiled stoneware. The surface of the object has a light grey crackle slip with an incised black dot decoration.

Length 18 cm
Width 18 cm
Height 22 cm

Photo: ©Rauno Traskelin

This playful ceramic installation in black, white and earth colours is a tribute to the spoon, a very personal and intimate tool found in every culture. The spoons are made from various clays, porcelain, stoneware and earthenware, and are made with different techniques. They are slip cast and pressed in plaster moulds, or hand pinched and carved by hand.

Length 5 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Travelling Light

This ceramic sculptural vase in the form of a bag is handcrafted from stoneware with englobe, textile and metal thread. The bag shaped vase, with a creamy matt white surface and dark black inside, is built from coils of clay. Two black textile handles are carefully attached with knots to small holes at the top of the object. The sculpture is part of the larger series, Travelling Light and Heavy Burdens, started in 2008.

Length 15 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 25 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Seam boxes

These utilitarian kitchenware items, handcrafted from slip cast stained porcelain, are intended for preserving food or small objects. The rounded square shaped boxes in different tones of grey and pastel colours are produced in small series. The edges of the lids have a colour stripe. The objects are cast in plaster moulds with two separate colour layers. After drying, parts of the top layer are removed with a sponge, revealing the colour beneath.

Length 6 cm

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