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©Eugenia Bascuas Gonçalves
©Eugenia Bascuas Gonçalves
©Eugenia Bascuas Gonçalves
©Uxi Bascuas

Nano Unzueta

  • Ceramicist
  • Lamiño, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Nano Unzueta Ceramicist
Spanish, English
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 13:30/16:00 - 20:00
+34 687765337
©Eugenia Bascuas Gonçalves

Ceramics for the everyday

  • • Nano creates pieces that combine function and decoration
  • • He also focuses his work on teaching, research and experimentation
  • • He believes that the clays of Galicia are the best to work with

Over the last few years, Nano Unzueta has become one of the great contemporary representatives of Galician craftsmanship. Self-taught, he focuses on making ceramics for everyday use, utilitarian but also with high aesthetics. For him, the clays of the region where he lives are especially good for preparing the pastes he needs for his pieces and firing them at high temperatures. Beyond creating ceramics with his own natural glazes, he also teaches and carries out research. Nano believes artisans should not keep secrets in the workshop, so he is always willing to share his knowledge and his passion for his craft. All of this, with the noble aim of ensuring that handmade ceramics continue to strengthen and occupy a special place in people’s daily lives and hearts.

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  • ©Uxi Bascuas
  • ©Uxi Bascuas
  • ©Uxi Bascuas
  • ©Uxi Bascuas
  • Eduardo Armada©Fundación de Artesanía y Diseño de Galicia
Photo: ©Uxi Bascuas
Bandeja - Fuente

This stoneware tray is made on the potter's wheel and subsequently deformed and cut into an oval shape. The surface is brush enamelled in three colours, red, blue and brown, and over enamelled with semi-opaque zirconium enamel.

Length 30 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 8 cm

Photo: ©Uxi Bascuas
Salad bowl

This stoneware salad bowl, made on the potter's wheel, is brush enamelled with three colours, brown, red and blue, and over-enamelled with semi-opaque zirconium enamel.

Height 12 cm
Diameter 33 cm

Photo: ©Uxi Bascuas
Tea set

This handcrafted stoneware tea set consists of a tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and two cups. Both the teapot and the sugar bowl was made in one piece and then cut to make the lid. The whole set was made on a potter's wheel and enamelled with a white tin enamel and over-enamelled with green copper enamel.

Height 21 cm
Diameter 14 cm

Photo: ©Uxi Bascuas

These stoneware bowls are made on a potter's wheel. The stoneware bowls are enamelled with white tin enamel and pour over enamel with cobalt blue and manganese enamel cooking at 1260º.

Height 8 cm
Diameter 14 cm

Photo: Eduardo Armada©Fundación de Artesanía y Diseño de Galicia

These stoneware jugs are made on the potter's wheel. The handles are stretched via the manual method called "milking". The jugs are enamelled with iron enamel and over-enamelled by stamping with a sponge with a pale blue opaque enamel creating the snake effect.

Height 25 cm
Diameter 12 cm

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