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©Bo Scheringa
©Bo Scheringa
©Anneke Hymmen
©Anneke Hymmen
©Anneke Hymmen

Mirja Wark

  • Golden Haand
  • Weaver
  • Finsterwolde, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Mirja Wark Weaver
Dutch, Arabic, English, German, Spanish
By appointment only
+31 620395671
©Bo Scheringa

Keeping endangered weaving traditions alive

  • • Mirja's travels form the inspiration for her weaving
  • • Tribal traditions inform her learning
  • • She is committed to teaching ethnic weaves in order to preserve them for the future

Sewing her own clothes by the age of 12, Mirja Wark was destined to create textiles as a profession. Although she didn’t start off this way, opting instead for a career in physiotherapy, while learning to spin and weave in her spare time. Before long, the loom took hold permanently, and through the teachings of various weavers, completing a three-year course for Artist Handweavers in Ghent and taking over a weaving school for five years, she was well on her way to becoming a practised weaver. Moving to far-flung regions such as Oman, Tripoli, Damascus and Venezuela led her to absorb their unique weaving techniques, capturing her maker’s imagination. Determined to share her knowledge of these precious techniques, she offers her own ethnic weaving courses, helping to keep those weaving traditions alive.

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  • ©Anneke Hymmen
  • ©Anneke Hymmen
  • ©Bo Scheringa
  • ©Anneke Hymmen
Photo: ©Anneke Hymmen
Rumpelstilskin towels

These kitchen towels are part of Mirja Wark’s Rumpelstiltskin series of products intended for kitchens and the dining-room. Luxurious wet-spun linen is combined with re-used duvet-covers and sheets. Linen has a natural shine and does not stain – it also absorbs well. The tea-towels are woven in pure linen. For the hand towels, the linen weft is alternated with a cotton strip, giving them a nice rough touch. There are suspension loops on each of the four corners.

Height 60 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: ©Anneke Hymmen
Snuggle blanket

This snuggle blanket can be used on the couch or as a cover on a child’s bed. The throw is practical – perhaps to snuggle under when in front of the TV or reading a book and getting a bit chilly. The underside is mainly cotton, so the wool does not tickle the skin. The patterns are inspired by traditional Norwegian baptismal blankets.

Height 130 cm
Width 96 cm

Photo: ©Bo Scheringa
Rag bag

This roomy, environmentally friendly, bag is perfect for carrying your yoga gear, sports equipment, beach kit or for a weekend away. The bag is woven with dyed strips of cotton bedding.

Height 60 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: ©Anneke Hymmen

This Golden Haand bag is made in colours that will match any coat. The dimensions of the bag are just right; the long shoulder-strap will fit diagonally across the chest. When empty, the bag will smoothly follow the body contours. While shopping, it is surprisingly roomy. It is a beautiful alternative to a plastic bag.

Height 50 cm
Width 45 cm

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